Which Look Would You Choose?

We wonder what the nail trends would be for 2018. One way to find out is to visit Solin Sadek Instagram profile, an account with 240k followers with so many nail photos and videos, you won’t be able to decide what to choose from.

We covered most of those in this article, wondering how long is actually too long, and how people actually do stuff with those freakishly long, yet magically gorgeous nails.


But these samples, shown in the video are fantastic. Even the sample length is awesome and just right for us Goldilocks and the glitter nails. Which ones would you go for? We’re kinda thinking about those black ones, or the graphite ones, because they look so red-carpet ready.


In fact, you can start staring at this video, like we’re doing right now and relish in the fact that you’re just a phone call (for a nail appointment) away from getting something as amazing as this on your fingers:

In fact, 1.6 million people have probably done the same, as that’s the number of views this totally simple video has! So tell us in the comments. Do you agree that the darker shades are more beautiful? Or would you go for a bridal/red carpet/Oscars look for your next event and blind everyone as soon as you flash a bejeweled hand at them?