White Liner Cut Crease Tutorial

Hi loves! I hope you enjoy the video. If you have any looks that you want me to make please let me know in the comments. XOXO


  • Makeup Geek White Lies, High Tea Eyeshadows
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Stone, Metal, Ash Brown, Truffle Glitter, Chiffon Eyeshadows
  • MAC pro longwear concealer nc15
  • Marc beauty Blacquer High liner pencil in waterline
  • Nyxcosmetics White Liner in the crease
  • Anastasia Beverly hills brow wiz in Chocolate, Dipbrow Medium Brown, Brow gel in Chocolate.
  • ⇢ Lashes from ANNYTUDE in the style FLUFFY Code: AN to get discount 15% Discount

Further details are all mentioned in my video, And for any questions leave them down in the comment section! ♡


  1. why do people get so offended when other give their feedback or opinion on her look. helloooo that's how you get better is by some criticism not saying this is bad, js y'all need to quit being so sensitive

  2. Which camera and program are you using? Omg ????❤️

  3. Beautiful ! what song is in the beginning ? thanks

  4. Thx An for giving us a Grey eye shadow look! I know this isn't a Springtime or Summer Color but it's Sexy & Dramatic & I Love it! Can't wait to see what you come up with next! Maybe a Gold & Cranberry look! ???

  5. ann is my inspiration of mak up…ndd u r my queen

  6. Nice and looking so beautiful ?????????????????????????✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌

  7. Beautiful! I have a question, how do you find music for your vids? Thank you!!

  8. Your makeup looks inspired me everyday? thank you

  9. Oh An você podia vir dar um curso no Brasil né!!!!

  10. your english is getting better and better. im trying hard to get that eye pencil. stay amazing and gorgeous

  11. Love it! As always ??❤️❤️❤️

  12. Where did the vlogs go?? I really enjoyed them and hope you continue them.

  13. Please do an olive green and pink eyeshadow tutorial

  14. You are truly talented ?? beautiful as always ??

  15. Why freaking waste your time clicking on the button and dislike. If you don't like the thumbnail just don't watch the video. Let the rest of us who love her work like away.

  16. u gt talent queen i dnt wear makeup bt love ur channel u make it look so easy

  17. love , love??….like always so amazing….whats the brush name u use for the eyeliner? …..thank you for ur time and teaching us ….

  18. Really love all your eye looks, u really show such a diversity, and the white liner cut crease is really cool, I'm building up to trying cut creases… wish me luck haha… your stunning and ur makeup is out of this world xx

  19. doe een my boyfriend does my makeup. ben benieuwd naar zijn makeup skills ?

  20. واو

  21. you're so creative! I love this. really appreciate your tutorials An! <3

  22. Congratulions! you is very beautiful!

  23. which brush do u use to apply concealer on your lid?? i use inglot t22 but its not this much precise

  24. i lovedddd everythng except that white liner on crease 🙁

  25. u r super star cut crease queen love you ?

  26. Bow down to the Queen of Blending!!! ? I will never get tired of watching your videos. So much perfection!!! ❤❤ Love all the way from the Philippines. mwa mwa

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