White On White – 5 Nail Art Designs

Suzie has fun playing creating 5 designs of White On White Nail Art in this detailed step by step tutorial.

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    PS I have not been paid, or receive a commission on sales – just sharing?

  2. I love your videos and all the work you do is amazing. I was just wonder if you Are ever going to re stock your nail kits . I missed out and have been waiting to see if you would re stock so I can get it .

  3. Camera man, your editing is getting really good! It's always been awesome but I just want to give you props!

  4. This so pretty. To bad I can't do nails and nail Tecs suck in Toronto.

  5. Suzie, these are beautiful. I love all the nail art I see on your channel and wish sometimes that I had or could wear long beautiful nails (I work with my hands, covered in paint and constantly banging up my hands and I'm just not a nail-wearing gal). There are so many wonderful products I see whose equivalents I want to find in the art world for my work! Will have to go hunting for stencils and chrome powders that I can use! Maybe I'll just see if I can get some nail stuff and try it on my artwork. Hm…

  6. Oh no…look what u have done!! All white? It's after Labor Day Suzie, lololol

  7. Wheres Susie's eyebrows today ??

  8. Is this Really all you have you have to think about in your life right now? Nail Art? I would love to see you reacting to Trump being your President.

  9. Absolutely stunning Suzie! …and stellar stamping! 😉
    LoVe the white on white! <3

  10. I wish I had a nail tech like you around me Suzie!! I love your nail designs!❤️

  11. Suzie when you put the chrome over the Matte could you put the shiny top coat on top of the chrome when the stencil is still on? How would the chrome stay on if you didn't add another top coat on that side of the thumb? Because if you put another matte top coat on top of the chrome wouldn't it just make the chrome non shiny?

  12. Absolutely loved this video Suzie! Thank you❤

  13. Dunno why "white on white" makes me kinda laugh. But I love how elegant they look! Usually when I see acrylic nails they look very chunky but yours always look so natural ?

  14. OMG! You finally show what music you use! I love you!

  15. This was fantastic! I never knew you could use a thicker gel under a gel top coat in one step like that!

  16. so impressive! i always love her work!

  17. …. the brush is just one of Cristine's eyeshadow applicators

  18. Suzie, please can you tell me what size those pearls are so can try find those tiny one's here in the UK? Thank you ?

  19. I don't even do my nails and I can't stop watching these vidoes. Your voice is so soothing!

  20. So beautiful! But darn! No way I can change a diaper with those… plus white looks like shit on me because I'm too pale.

  21. Love this! so many great ideas Suzie❤️

  22. Beautiful nails. Love your videos. ????

  23. you should do a video with simplynailogical!!

  24. Suzie…. you're so lovely.

  25. I juat really wanna know your age bcuz u don't even look old enough to have been a nail tech for 25+ years u look tops 30

  26. Try a lint roller to clean your stamper. Works awesome!

  27. Conspiracy theory! Does Twinkled T, a well known nail shop get their stampers and polish from Clear Jelly Stamper? They have the same packaging and quality, it seems.

  28. All that 5 designs are beautifull suzie…love it aspecially the chrome

  29. I also just love to listen and watch you doing nails. Your voice works like therapy. So relaxed.
    You are a fine example for Young and older ( I also need glasses , hihi)
    Just keep making videos from nails and stay the way you are ( a beautiful person)
    If It could, would give you a big kiss. So facinated, all thé new products you use and share with is
    Greetings from Belgium,Antwerp

  30. I just ordered my first acrylic nail kit yesterday. I'm so excited and ready to learn from your videos! Hopefully I can get your kit for the holidays?

  31. Guys!!! I figured out where can we find the blingy hand holder that Suzie uses when doing her nails! Its called Fine Fragrance Mist Sleeve, and you can buy it at Bath and Body works! I just bought one in store!

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