White & silver soft cut crease | Holiday Tutorial

Comments were disabled because people were fighting and getting very ugly. There were 4,900 comments and probably 3,500 of them were people fighting calling each other names, calling me names, etc. This is a makeup channel guys… If you don’t like my channel or like me, don’t watch my videos. No one is forcing you. Im here to have fun with you guys and talk about beauty products. For those who understand that this is supposed to be a fun place and come here for a good time, I apologize that the comment section has become so nasty. Im doing what I can to stop it. I love you guys! Lets spread some holiday cheer!


  1. Why are the comments not disabled anymore

  2. It’s extremely ELEGANT AND MESMERIZING.

  3. Jaclyn hello! I would like to know your recommendation on a highlighter and bronzer I should get for myself.

  4. Please can you link to whee i can get that palette from the white is lush! x

  5. I need her two main robes and her stripy pj pants

  6. This is an awesome look. People are just giving you hate because they are jealous of how good you can blend your eyeshadow. Don't listen to the haters!❤️?

  7. I love you Jaclyn! Please do more videos with dramatic makeup! How long have you been wearing makeup? I started a makeup channel cause of you

  8. Jaclyn I just started my very own YouTube channel and u have inspired me so much! I'm really into make up now. Much love

  9. So………. where's the cut crease?

  10. I really don't get why people are being so harsh, you're beautiful as always keep doing you girl

  11. I don't know if you will see this or if anyone else will. but I am so happy I am no longer seeing negative comments on your videos. I have a few different YouTube channels and have been following you/ watching your videos since the cat eye video where your watching the Olympics lol. basically just wanted to let you know you took me out of depression. watching your videos was the little ray of sunshine to make my day. you are the only reason I got into makeup honestly. when champagne pop came out I bought two and when I saw it in the UTC mall in Sarasota sephora I squealed such a high pitched squeal everyone looked at me crazy. I follow you on everything and even entered to win your giveaway. I just needed to finally break my comfort zone and tell you what a completely positive impact you have had on my life. so watching your videos dated all the way back this far (at 2:30 a.m in bradenton FL) I just wanted to finally tell you. I really hope you see this. #snapchatfam #myhighlightalwaysonfleek ✌❤?

  12. Please do more cut crease. videos

  13. does anyone know what brush she used to use the white eyeshadow to set her waterline? it was like the super tiny flat definer brush?


  15. Super duper LOVED this look but I can't find the makeupup forever palette…. Can you help!!!!! You rock

  16. LOVED the stones on the inner corner!

  17. Jaclyn Hill, I LOVE this look! If only I wasn't old and crepey eyed…. But the truth is, I enjoy watching you so much that it doesn't matter. Good work!

  18. Hey Jaclyn,

    I was wondering what was the size of the rhinestones you used. Thanks.

  19. OMG! this was filmed the day before my birthday! 🙂

  20. Wow you are so pretty, remember if someone is trying to pull you down it already means they are below you? don't listen to those rotten haters

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