Why breakfast is so important for kids and adults?

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it gives body and brain the fuel it needs throughout the day. Besides the energy that gives us, because breakfast foods contain much of the valuable nutrients we need each day.

Some research highlights that people who skip breakfast are less prone to obesity, simply because the rest of the day you feel the need to eat more fat and sugar for energy.
Eating breakfast has the advantage to normalize blood glucose levels, improves memory and concentration and we can change and mood and reduce obesity, hypertension and heart disease, including diabetes.

Why some people skip breakfast?

Some people have the habit of skipping breakfast on the grounds that they lost weight, but on the contrary, studies show that the ones that skip breakfast will be twice as prone to obesity and will be more difficult to control your body weight.

Why breakfast is important for children?

While adults need break fast to have energy during the day and reduce disease risks, children need even more to develop normally, brain and need foods rich in valuable nutrients. Nutritious meals will help your body throughout the day and children will give a higher yield at school and in other activities.
Studies show that 10% to 30% of children in the US and Europe skip break fast so establishing healthy eating habits from childhood and maintaining them during adolescence, will have positive effects on reducing the prevalence of chronic diseases, metabolic and cardiovascular and will significantly improve quality of life.

Benefits for the kids:

Studies reveal that a healthy breakfast gives the body:

  • A complex diet, full of valuable nutrients
  • A better concentration and improved school performance, as well as professional
  • Complex of multivitamins and mineral that helps kids have energy for the entire day
  • Improves mood and makes them happy
  • Prevents obesity

Benefits for adults:

  • More power in making some exercise
  • Lowering blood cholesterol
  • Normalization of blood glucose
  • Preventing obesity
  • Weight control
  • Reduced by 30- 40% of heart disease and diabetes
  • Improves mood

Breakfast is an important source of calories, fiber and iron for kids and can’t be substituted for any meal of the day. Children often refuse it on the grounds that they are not hungry. Children do not need a hearty meal for a good start of the day.

A healthy option for when you’re not hungry is to do some exercise together, to increase your appetite: dance, jump, do squats. And will therefore have more energy throughout the day.

If you happen to be late and you can’t have meal, you can try these nutritional examples:

  • Cereal bar;
  • Yogurt;
  • Fresh fruits;
  • Whole-grain sandwich
  • Whole grain muffins.

Eat breakfast every day to have a healthy lifestyle and balanced to prevent certain diseases and to have energy every day. As a proverb says, “Get breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a poor person.”