Why & How to Pinch Acrylic Nails – Short Bitten Nails Transformation


  1. Does anyone know where to buy Suzie's kits?? Her website says none are available

  2. Won't the acrylic stick to the skin between form and nail if its not right under? I always think about getting acrylic nails but I have nails like hers and assumed it wasnt possible?

  3. Yellow one looks like smokers nail…. rest of them are amazing

  4. She's adorable and her hands are SOO cute! I normally don't like square nails, but those look perfect on her. Just beautiful!

  5. who else thinks its relaxing to see her file the nails??

  6. ?????thank you!! This is what I wrote in and asked about ???

  7. I'm not a fan of the yellow. The others are gorgeous though

  8. Love the video and your talent but that color is horrible…

  9. watching from Germany <3 love your videos and I have learned so much with you!! Thanks!

  10. That yellow one looks like an old lady fungal nail

  11. Would soooo love to study under you.

  12. Suzie I love your Nails in this video what colours have you got On please?

  13. The pink/blue look the same, they just look kinda clear

  14. Very pretty but I personally don't care for the yellow. It just looks kinda dirty or stained. Wish it was more of a pigmented shade.

  15. Lol I want to learn how to be a nail tech just so Suzie can teach me, yep, that's my only reason.

  16. When I saw short and bitten I thought it was grant and I'm disappointed

  17. The cuticle skin is gone if you can't see it right? We were taught that pinching created a better c curve and the c curve = strength. Is that true?

  18. What if you don't pinch? Is it just to help the appearance and make it look more professional? Will they break more easily if you don't? I've never heard of this, thank you!!

  19. Suzie you need to come to Eastern Canada and give us beginner lessons!!! Please, please..

  20. suzie's client seems so sweet! why is everyone on this channel just so cute! i love it haha 🙂

  21. Suzie, I am hooked with your videos, I love nails, always have. Your nails in this video are just beautiful and you also have lovely hands. Thank you for sharing your craftmanship.

  22. What advice do you have for a cuticle bitter not a nail bitter. I bite my cuticles every chance I get and some of nails are now dodo formed because of that. They have a clear divot because of my bitting. Please help I want healthy nails and my nail technicians have made some rude comments because of it. Thank you

  23. I miss the camera man's voice 🙁 I love the banter they have between them x

  24. Where are you right now Susie what province

  25. LOVE when she tosses trash away, she always seems so organized and focused AND WHEN SHE TOSSES IT, I FEEL FREED!!

  26. Would you recommend doing tips or forms on a nail biter

  27. Is this an odorless monomer system?

  28. IM FROM YARMOUTH! 3 HOURS FROM HALIFAX oh my god that is awesome!! I would love to come see you Suzie!!

  29. Has she done a video with simply nail logical? if not she needs to!

  30. you are such a beautiful woman! i love the color of your hair too

  31. where did you get your eyeglasses from?

  32. You're the best girl! You are the Bob Ross of nails! !!! He's my hero. So thank you for your educating awesome videos! !!

  33. The yellow is a good thought, but it makes her look like she's a smoker.

  34. Where is her salon at I will travel to Canada to get my nails done by her

  35. I really should do this so I stop biting…But I always just feel like my small nail beds make it not worth it

  36. Not too fond of the yellowish tip. The rest is great though. 🙂

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