WHY YOU SHOULD GO NATURAL!!! | Empowering The Beauty of Natural Hair

Hey Guys!!! This week’s video is actually a project for my Artistic Expressions class. The purpose of this assignment was for us to experience art as a way to engage people in a public way in order to make a positive difference about an issue of global concern.

A message to my Professor:

As an African American girl with naturally kinky hair, it took me a very long time to be able to accept my very “different” curl pattern because in society, is not something that is generally publicized a “beautiful”. I think that a lot of young girls are afraid to wear their natural hair because they fear that society will judge them. For me, all it took was some influence and motivation from other women who love their natural hair and wear it with confidence to truly begin to see the beauty in mine. I began watching YouTube videos, reading various natural hair blogs, and connecting with many naturally curly girls on social media. It wasn’t long until I was influenced to start my own YouTube Channel called Purely Kaice (as my subscribers know) that I started in the summer of 2014. On my channel, I film, edit, and create beauty videos where I share my passion for hair, makeup, and skin care products. With the intention of helping others to feel and look their best everyday, I use my channel and other social media platforms to give advice on growing healthy hair, beauty/makeup tips, and skin care tips. I also provide tips on being healthy, happy, and successful over all. I have a growing audience with over 22.9K subscribers and over 1M. total views so far. Because of my social media platform, a lot of girls look up to me for natural hair advice. With creative and technical ability, I used my passion for both natural hair and film to create a video addressing the problems the society with natural hair acceptance and showcasing girls who wear their natural hair with confidence.
I am also hoping that my audience shares the video with their friends and family so that the video could possibly go viral and reach an even bigger audience. Like I mentioned earlier, the one thing that helped me to become comfortable in my hair is the influence of others. I think that this video could potentially have the same domino effect on other women.

A message to those who helped:

Thank you so much for taking the time out to be apart of this video!! I really appreciate it! I also want to thank my subscribers for supporting me and my channel everyday! Below is all the normal stuff you find under my videos!