Winter Warm Smokey Eye Tutorial | Jaclyn Hill

Bobbi Brown Eyeshadows
Makeup Geek Chickadee
Makeup Forever Eyeshadow #162
Dolce Gabbana Perfect Luminous Foundation
Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer
Makeup Forever Bronzer #20

Nars Gilda Blush
Laura Mercier Highlighter 01
Bare Minerals Original Foundation
Anastasia Clear Brow Gel
MAC Shroom e/s
Rimmel Lash Accelerator
Limecrime Babette & Cosmopop
Urban Decay Chill Makeup Setting Spray


  1. You were always ride or die for sigma brushes,, can I ask why you started only use morphe?? ? people said it's because morphe makes you sign a contract saying you will only use their stuff if you are a affiliate but I don't believe for a minute you would do that if you didn't love their products and thought maybe you use morphe on camera simply because more people can afford morphe over sigma..

  2. Old Jaclyn videos are inspo for my one year anniversary on Tuesday! LOVE

  3. when she talks about her brows flapping in the wind ?

  4. I remember when you posted this I loved it so much. Hello again! Still my favorite in 2016. Soo beautiful.

  5. OMG that eyeliner brush… razor sharp! And I love how your eyes pop before you do your brows! Maybe you can try a smokey eye with a lighter brow pencil!?

  6. Is there anything new from her… 2015? I'm desperate for new stuff, terrified that she's done.

  7. You are an amazing make up artist and very pretty too you also have inspired me to become a makeup artist as well I have watched most of your videos I just wanted to say thank you for making these videos to help people like me lol

  8. love this look <3 thinking of getting the BB eye-shadow in camel is it worth getting?

  9. Hey Jaclyn I am watching all of your older videos and loving every single one of them ! you are still the same person you used to be back in the days. the same loving ,charming and silly person no wether how much subscribers you have and I just wanted to tell you that you are such an inspiration not always for your make up skills but mostly for the person you are. You are like a friend I never met but that always cheers me up and brightons up my days. especially when I am wearing champing pop 😛
    love you tons , keep on rocking ! xxx

  10. Do you still use that foundation +Jaclyn Hill

  11. Lovely, thank you for this, will recommend this to a friend. If I may, you look to be a Dark Autumn / True Autumn (in colour analysis terms), so a more blended pencil liner may suit you even better than the sharp-edged liquid one. (Autumns usually look great with soft, blended lines). xx

  12. OMG I loooove lovelovelove this look! Can't wait to try this smoky eye, it's like not too dark but has jus enough depth to be glamorous 😀 Love you girl, stay beautiful!

  13. love your facial expressions when you put your makeup on! haha x

  14. the best thing about you is that you can never go wrong with your makeup

  15. LOVE IT!!! <3 +Jaclyn Hill 

  16. I love you and love watching your videos!!!

  17. love how cute the colors are. love how well blended it is. 

  18. LIKED 1 Million Times!! Its my by far fav makeup tutoril Ive seen,. And must I say ive been watching youtube tutorils for YRS!!!

  19. Definitely used this exact tutorial (my favorite for months now) for my wedding day makeup 3 months ago, just subbed in MAC Swiss Chocolate for the MUFE shadow :). Thanks girlfrann!

  20. Can you make a smokey eye that is appropriate for high schoolers?

  21. I really love your tutorials! I've been watching them and trying to mimic your style for like the past week and for the past week I've been getting loads of compliments. I was afraid that using too much color would make me look like a bad drag queen or just crazy but so far every look I've tried has been gold! Thank you!!!!

  22. You are always beautiful, Jacyln! I haven't seen a bad review or tutorial yet! You are definitely a pro! Love ya! xoxo K

  23. You look sooo beautiful. Specialy your hair ?

  24. OMG i don't know how i missed this video!!!! but holyyyyyy I'm obsessed!!!! beautiful gorg amazing!!!!! 

  25. Love love you video's!!!!!! I have noticed a difference in your tutorials than other's, I love how you mention how you move your brush because that is so important to a beginner 🙂

  26. I would like to know what is your opinion on the foundation.

  27. You look like the Red Woman from Game of Thrones.

  28. Your husband is behind you hahaha

  29. The end of your videos are the best part of the whole tutorial lol:)

  30. Why do people find it necessary to actually type something mean on the internet? What you gain from it? If you don't like it, click away and freaking move on… Ughh. Geez…

  31. lol i loveee your personality !!!

  32. The singing though, she's so funny

  33. I have NEVER watched someone as much as I do you! And I've been OBSESSED with YouTube and Tutorials for YEARS! HA. You are an AMAZING artist and have such a BEAUTIFUL and fun personality! ?

  34. can you do an updates eyeliner tutorial showing your new technique?

  35. i don't if you know who she is, but you look like Laura Osnes. So pretty <3 <3

  36. I love this tutorial! Thank you so much, but can you give another warm color smokey eye for the spring/summer.

  37. Sooo cute. Not realistic price point for us poor girlz. But maybe there are some dupes?

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