Wonder Woman Braid Hair Tutorial – KayleyMelissa

Here’s a hair tutorial on Wonder Woman’s braid in the new 2017 movie! I looked at SO MANY PICS to figure this hairstyle out. I really think this is it, and I hope you love it!

I love a good braided hair style and this one is ah-may-zing! From what I can tell a lot of the amazons have amazing hairstyles as well, so maybe more how to-s to come on my insta once the movie comes out!
I’m so happy that we finally have a female super hero, thanks DC! I’m excited to see Gal Gadot take on this role; it looks like she’s going to kill it! Whether you try the intricate braid version or the easy beginner one, I think you’re going to love it!

★What I’m wearing:★

  • Romper: Free People


  1. you're so much similiar to Kira from Supergirl. I swear.

  2. i learned this braid in a week before the movie came out. I successfully did this on my own hair … yes i felt like a warrior princess after that 🙂

  3. With one is Easier? I don't know what to do for my dance tomorrow and want to do this one but my mom is not very good with hair.

  4. You should do famous actors and actress hair you could make a lot of money

  5. My god you are the braid queen!!!!

  6. To make it easier follow these easy steps:

    1. Infinity braid
    2. Dutch infinity braid
    3. French fishtail braid
    Then regular fishtail braid .
    That's the simplest it can be

  7. i hate my hair! it's so short i cant do anything with it! uggggh!

  8. i just want to know how to do any kind of braid at the back of my head

  9. Not gonna lie I got three minutes into the video and had to stop and take a break

  10. Whenever I do this kind of braids, I actually forget which ones the hair I placed on the right or left side then just messed up right in the middle. I'm so terrible

  11. last week I donated my hair so now it's just above my shoulders, major regret while watching this ???

  12. I find it really annoying how you can rock EVERYTHING! I will try it and look horrible, and then re watch the video, and you are just breezing through it and look good in it. What is life.

  13. Your videos are awesome! I know you have long hair but could you do some hairstyles for girls with short or bob hairstyls?

  14. … am I the only one who first thought of IISuperwomanII ? ?

  15. I've done this braid twice on my daughter (she has lovely waist-length hair), but both times the entire braid fell into a loose mess within an hour. I'd love any tips anyone can offer to help prevent this!

  16. Sad I have no hair to make it look like that

  17. Thanks so much for this tutorial! I need to start practicing now for Halloween.

  18. Do you think you could do a simple rope braid tutorial? I can never seem to get it right, and I figure if anyone can explain it best it's you! 🙂

  19. This is incredible! I'm so amazed by your skills

  20. Can't wait to try this! Looks like a complicated braid but you have made it sooooo easy to follow! Thanks ?

  21. Omg girl my arms and back feel DEAD after trying this!!! you're so talented I love this braid ?

  22. Very beautiful. I was so sad, but watching your beauty and shine cheered me up. Thank you.

  23. Can you do Aloy's hair from Horizon Zero Dawn? She's another bad ass warrior woman ❤

  24. Hahaha ¿does anyone remember when this was the Katniss braidV

  25. awesome, I'll have to try it out! but you really took me by surprise when you flexed because damn girl give me those arms lol

  26. I really love this braid but I'm was sad cause my hair is quite short, like shoulder length, and I thought I couldn't do this but I got it to work! I just left out the fishtail braid and put the rest of my hair on a ponytail after the french fishtail braid 🙂 i'm so happy I got it to work!

  27. You should do a video with different hairstyles from the movie, like Diana's aunt's hair(I'm so bad with names?) and other braided styles from the movie?

  28. Hey!! Love this look!! But is it possible you can do her "bun" hair tutorial?

  29. Can you do this on shorter hair?

  30. Those biceps???? my hair is thick, wavey/curly, and down past my bum (im 5'2 however) i saw the movie and loved the hairstyles. Been a braider for about 5 years now

  31. Can you do a tutorial on any of the other Amazonian warriors?

  32. your explanation is so good!! and you look really good in the braid 🙂

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