WORLD’S MOST SMUDGE + TRANSFER + WATERPROOF BROW PRODUCT?? Wait… Someone hold me. If this is true, where was this product during PE in high school?! As you all know I am a flawless brow fanatic, so when I first heard about this product I knew I had to try it here on my channel. Let’s see if it works!!!

ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ I love you.



  2. Was it just me or was everyone else cringing at her eyebrows before concealer? I was just waiting for her to clean it up so THANK GOD ? eyebrows looking fine girl

  3. OMFG I need this ????????????

  4. I really liked this product but my oily skin made it come off super easy still. ?

  5. Why are you the best???????

  6. Tati, NikkieTutorials and Makeup4mimi approved! I’ve loved this for about a year now!

  7. Wow I'm SHOOK TO THE CORE!!! ??

  8. I love this stuff finished an entire tube. Then started dying my brows


  10. I bought this for Hawaii for our snorkeling trip cause my brows are non existent and my brows stayed put all day through the salty waters and waves! I also swipe some over my ABH brow gel after I get off work, on my way to the gym because nothing is more embarrassing then sweating your brows off. ? I love this stuff! I wish I could make my brows look like yours Nikki. So bomb!

  11. I might have to give it another try….. ?

  12. I made the switch from Anastasia to Wunderbrow over a year ago and never went back. I adore this stuff! I have thick brows, so I use my wedge brush to get it off the wand and shape them. It is the perfect brow gel! I'm a busy single mom, so if I have somewhere to go in the morning, I do my brows at night and it never budges when I sleep. I'm so glad you tried it!

  13. I was skipping around so idk if she mentioned it, but anyone know what her gloss is?

  14. ????
    Lovvvee youuu Nikkie
    From South America ????

  15. Then how are you supposed to get it off?

  16. Yaasss!! This product saved my life!??????

  17. I have this and it's great , just get your eyebrow brush and put it directly on the brush instead of the back of your hand bc it will dry

  18. Wow ok so I need this I am amazed.

  19. Hahah anyone notice that she still uses that brush she bought from her Claire's haul???

  20. She should get her eyebrows microbladed

  21. I have this product sitting in my drawer for 2 months now never touched it now I'm going to have to open it up after watching your video LOL

  22. Can you pleeease review more of Wunder2 products, they have so much. Never heard of it before!

  23. Coconut oil any type of oi tskes it off no need to buy there removal product

  24. Only Nikkie will have fleek as fuck brows during a zombie apocalypse! ??

  25. I need a favorites brushes video

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