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Did the impossible just happen? Did dreams become reality? — Pat McGrath is launching her NEW MatteTrance lipsticks, and I decided to have a little playtime with them. Get ready, cause I’m swatching all 9 crazy, color-pigmented shades, and find out if they really are world’s best lipstick… Watch and find out!!!

Pat McGrath MatteTrance lipsticks Here

ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ I love you.


  1. aaaaaaand, apparently all lipsticks twist up like that. Oops. ? what's your favorite color of the video?? ?

  2. That right brow. That's me everyday. Just can't get them the same

  3. Waiting for a pinky nude like

  4. If I had the money I would actually buy these. They look amazing even the two colours that were not as strong as the others.

  5. It just hit me your voice reminds me of Khloe kadashian

  6. ** rubs lips together and goes "heh"*+ MAI FAVE PART

  7. Was it just me, or did it look like she had done both lips, when she only had the top one covered

  8. How is it possible that you can pull off every single lip color… I can only wear like one color, and that color is barely any different from my natural lip color lmfao

  9. she didn't NEED the first shade cuz her lip color's already the same lol

  10. I love your natural lip color! Wished I had that tone too

  11. Your natural lip colours is so nice i love it by the way love you ?

  12. i adore that colours yea that s a little bit expensive but it deserves as high -end i really love itt ! im thinking over buying but i guess it s not common for selling im not sure whether it comes to my country or not.. but i ll search it my fav is second one.. i love Nickiee i ll be glad if you introduce cheaper products haha

  13. I want a lipstick in her natural lip colour

  14. I wish someone else could do my makeup someday (I never wear makeup) It seems like it would smudge all over the place and feel weird

  15. the last color of the vampy shades is literally the color of my dreams, it's like vampira by kat von d but better…… 38 dollars i'm crying into my wallet

  16. I love your pigmented lips! You don't have to wear lipstick if you don't want to. You could just go natural and still look popping!

  17. Make your natural lip color a lipstick pls.

  18. I absolutely love the purples! I personally love purple lipsticks on me but these lipsticks are just gorgeous!

  19. You have such a beautiful, amazing and stunning natural lip color. I wish I had that naturally. You don't even need lip stick.

  20. The lips though ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️?????????????????????

  21. Can you do the ciate London glitter flip liquid lipstick


  23. I know its about lipstick but I cannot stop staring at your eye makeup it is so stunning I have seen this look before on photos and Chloe Morello did one as well but yours just pop so much <3 love it

  24. you eye make up looks so beautiful. can you do a video of it pls

  25. I really liked Elson and Flesh 3 (The burgundy one). I would also love to see a tutorial for how Nikki did her eye make up here.

  26. Lover the Christmas lipstick color, and the next one also

  27. Love it I also got the whole collection & will do a review on it ?love it keep up the success have a blessed one ??

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