WTF Viral Beauty Hacks/Products TESTED! #2

I decided to test out WEIRD beauty hacks & products that I’ve seen around & wondered if they worked. Today you’ll find out! Thumbs up for more hack videos!


  1. hi natalie! i followed you in instagram!

  2. The funniest part was when she tried the wasabi she sounded like a chicken

  3. your vidios are epic. i am a bit if a weirdo too

  4. Natalie can you do Iphone giveaway

  5. I can not stop poping my pimples

  6. Can't you just use toothpaste insteAd of wasabi

  7. I like watching black heads too

  8. I'm the same when it comes to my brothers in pain while my mom tries to take them out and boy is it really satisfying



  11. Omg her eye the colour its green

  12. U look so pretty with blue eyes

  13. Even if shy did that at the biggenig shyis biutefull

  14. I was going to go into the kitchen and get a snack but……I've lost my appetite

  15. ya im the same about blackheads

  16. Wow she looks so much different with a different eye colour

  17. Is your last name Outlet or Soutlet

  18. remember in her dangerous beauty myths video how she put lemon juice in her eye, it is the same exact color as her contacts in this video!!! She just got caught! I still love this channel tho- i am still gonna be subscribed.

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