WTF YouTube Beauty Hacks TESTED!

I decided to test out WEIRD YouTube beauty hacks that I’ve seen around & wondered if they worked. Today you’ll find out! Thumbs up for more hack videos!


  1. And your supposed to it the lipstick under your eyes!

  2. My mother does that lipstick thing

  3. Ela falou educada,não xingou nem nada. E aqui esta cheio de br's criticado ela,chamando de burra e etc. Não sei vcs mais pra mim, parem Pq tá RIDÍCULO.

  4. How are you going to the restroom with that sorry if i imberasing you

  5. Vamo falar inglês pq é gringa kkkkkk
    Hi, did not work Mari's trick because you did it wrong

  6. "What that I do wrong?" ? everything sweetie

  7. hi,vc fez errado tinha q ser mais fino


  9. Mexeu com um brasileiro mexeu com todos??

  10. Ainda fez errado kkkkk bota muito batom e pouca base e quer pra da certo,nam merman

  11. Hey, ladies. Random tip. Do not wear jeans that are hard to get on. If they slip on nice and smooth, they're the right size; if they're super tight, they make you look fat even if you're not. Wear comfortable jeans with a wide belt that's not tight.
    One thing I've learned is that men hate weak, submissive, makeup caked, pansies. If you're comfortable, confident, and predatory, they love it. Also, they love workin' girls. If you can fix your car, or that leak in the roof, they might just wanna marry you, and they'll for sure do just about anything you want right this minute.

  12. This helped a lot

  13. That so did not look promising

  14. Economiza no batom mana,não na base!

  15. Br sendo Br nos comentários (amo).
    Claramente ela não espalhou certo, mas também não entendo qual a finalidade dessa técnica. Alguém me explica

  16. O truque do cabelo funciona vc que não soube fazer direito??

  17. she did a video showing why you did the x thing on the face wrong ,search for mari maria

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