Xpress Hair Color in 5 minutes!

Kristen Hancher got a makeover hair color and I used the new Guy Tang #Mydentity Express Toner Pearl and Titanium

I lifted her hair using Guy Tang #Mydentity #Big9 with 20 vol dedicated developer to a level 10. Rinse and Olaplex treatment. On damp hair I applied #Mydentity Xpress Toner Pearl + Titanium equal parts with 6 vol 1:2 ration for just 5 minutes! How easy is that? You can use the Xpress Toners as pre-tone or as a color itself. It has a level 8 deposit and you can add Demi-Permanent Cyrstal Clear to sheer out.

It’s also available online at Cosmoprofbeauty.com and in stores at Cosmoprof (US and Canda) and Armstrong McCall. Soon outside of North America!!!


  1. Would you mind telling everyone what's used to upkeep the bright blonde…your best recommendation of purple shampoo! It's so hard to find!

  2. The warmer blonde suited her so much more, the icy washes her out.

  3. Your chest looks so akward but great job on het hair

  4. I thought her hair is going to fall out lol

  5. Quick question? Did you put demi-crystal clear in the pearl/titanium xpress toner mix to apply on her ends. It wasn't cleared to me whether everything was mixed together versus demi-crystal clear by itself on the ends.

  6. Your with Guy and your on your phone! agghhh NO!
    Even Guy is like "Your on your phone again!"

  7. The guy behind yawning…

  8. Thus was less than a year ago and she looks totally different #Surgery

  9. How long did you leave bleach on?

  10. You haven't seen paranormal Hair Activity until you seen my hair it's not only scary but frightening! My hair is Silver White naturally went Silver White at 14yrs old I've been dying my hair continuously since 14 so guess how old I am? 50 and I'm finally ready to embrace it but only about 3inches have grown out and the rest is a dry course rat's nest! lol Then the ends are scraggly like dead branches on a spooky tree then it won't absorb nothing no amount of oil will smooth it my problem is that I can't actually won't let anyone cut it, I'm petrified of hairdressers they scare me because my experiences have been nightmares..The just don't understand my hair! If you 2" two inches it ends up being 4" I have unruly hair but it's made of elastic! I've warned everyone who's ever cut my hair but they get paranormal scissor activity and they get possesed and I end up with a terrible cut every time my cousin cuts the tips and I screech I I'm being murdered it's insane! I think she left the state just because I asked for a dusting! lol. HELP ME!

  11. She can't even not look at her phone for a second.. Lmao so ridiculous. What's your real talent? You're trying to be famous for what….

  12. Get yo face out of yo phone! You are in the presence of a hair god!

  13. it would be nice to see you doing hair on a non model barbie girl. Like someone normal even not pretty. As they could use your help even more..Maybe even like a video or show of transforming ugly ducklins into swans. That would be really awesome! Unfortunately not everyone can afford you. But you are the magical hair fairy! You are very much appreciated.

  14. So you just use clear at the and and looks this amazing?????

  15. I love you @guytang ❤️you are so fun!


  17. Oh my, Guy, can you turn a dark brown almost black hair into this silver/gray-ish/tatanium color? I love how her hair color turned out and I am older now (45) so I am going thru salt and pepper stage of life and instead of dying it dark brown or black I'd much rather dye it to this silver-ish color!! Can I fly in to CA and have you do my hair please? I live in Denver, CO but have always enjoyed watching your videos and love your work!!

  18. She's hella gorgeous, all these salty comments tsk tsk

  19. Love this vid. Check out my video on how I keep my Platinum Hair healthy!

  20. Guy tang you are so awesome. You should come visit our school Imagine Paul Mitchell North Little RockArkansas and guest artist for us. Do a color class ❤️

  21. I want my hair white any easy ways ??

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