Yellow Graphic Liner – Barbie Makeup Look l Desi Perkins


  1. It's literally so satisfying to watch you apply eyeliner! Beautiful and fresh look! Love it Desi <3 <3 :*

  2. por que nunca dices el tono de tus bases? 🙁

  3. You look so much like Jlo in some angles…. Or am I high …. ?

  4. You are soo beautiful!!??

  5. Congrats on almost 2 million subscribers

  6. anyone else think she looks like Gina Rodriguez from Jane the virgin! awesome look 🙂

  7. Something about how you talk or your mouth reminds me of jkissa. Maybe it's that your top teeth barely show.

  8. Oh my, you look like a model called Sulem Calderon ❤️?

  9. Mom: what are you doing up at 4 in the morning
    Me: I'm watching desi
    Mom: you are always watching her lol

  10. im having breathing problems watching this during the liner part omg

  11. what color was your infallible foundation ?

  12. OMG I love it it's an awesome I had love to try its amazing love love love love it <3 <3

  13. almost died holding my breath while she did eyeliner damn

  14. you look so like Barbie 🙂 one of your biggest fan.All the way from Nepal nut i am Tibetan.

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