Yvonne Orji from HBO’s Insecure Gets Goddess Braids | ELLE


  1. I couldn't wait to see what your Yvonne's real hair looks like because homegirl ALWAYS slays a wig

  2. hairstyle ugly and the women ugly.

  3. For people with straighter hair, the stylist is fine. But for people with 4c hair, attention to detail is important, it looks like those braids will come out within a few days not because they're too loose but because they were done a little sloppy. And just because you're traveling the world doesn't mean your good at what, it often means no one is willing to hire someone better or (blacker) cough cough. I'm not saying this lady is bad, but I notice she usually only works on people's hair that have been straightened, not on curly textured hair which is what these styles were invented for! Protective styles that protect curly hair as curly hair is more prone to breakage. I would like to see Elle use some other hair stylists or at least show these styles on curly hair.

  4. I was wondering why this braider always starts with straightened hair. Now I see it's because she has no idea how to braid textured hair. I agree with @P U R P L E L E M O N A D E, they definitely needed a different stylist for this one, because an African woman or someone used to braiding textured hair would have slayed this simple style.

    She's a great braider otherwise

  5. They only gelled down one side of her edges??????

  6. why is people saying its ugly. its beautiful as fuck.

  7. They need a better braider, because this look could have slayed with the right stylist. However, Molly ALWAYS slays!!! Love you, boo!

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