Zig Zag Half Updo on Long and Short Hair!

Hey guys! Today we’re doing this zig zag half updo and I’m demoing it on long and short hair!

This one was requested on twitter and I’m a big fan! It’s cool because if your hair is long enough to get into the dutch braids, you can do this hairstyle! It’s fairly quick once you get that zig zag part in.

—⟣What I’m wearing:⟢—

  • Top: Brandy Melville


  1. You just need to get your license so you can do hair for others. I can see you specializing in bridal hair. Great job!

  2. I've tried Dutch braiding my hair and I really suck at it……I wish I could do this because it's super cute!

  3. I thought the cut her hair in the intro

  4. You start adding more hair from the bottom part of the braid. When you you reach the opposite ''v'' like this ''^'' you start adding hair from the upper side. When that happens do you continue adding hair from the bottom part or you're switching every time?

  5. You explain really well how to do hairstyle and even someone like me with zero talent can do them with that explanation; Therefore I have a question: Is it possible to send you a picture of a hair style I would love to know how to do? I would be really happy if you reply ❤️ P.S. You have a new subscriber

  6. Hi Kayley, I have been following you for years, when you were Letsmakeitup and had the two channels. Years ago when I was still living with my mother she would help me create the hairstyles you made in your bedroom with just some kind of sheet on your wall. I am from the Netherlands and my mothers english is not good so I used to translate everything to her Haha. I never comment on anything so you have never seen my name but I have seen so much from you, a lot of personal things you used to share and I remember being so curious when you got married what you looked like!

    I just wanted to comment once to tell you I have seen you grow (I am 26 so it feels like we grew a little bit together haha) into the beautiful woman you are today and I really hope and wish you a beautiful life. ?

  7. Trying this on my 7 year old today thank you. It turned out beautiful

  8. I can't even create a zig zag in the top of my head…??

  9. Could you maybe do a tutorial how you put on your wigs? It always looks SO realistic like it's your natural hair!

  10. You are one extremely talented lady! You make it look so simply, BUUUUUUT, it's not! I've tried multiple times and it never turns out like yours

  11. your armpits gives me a boner lol

  12. Am i the only one that cant do the zigzag i dont know how pls help me

  13. Hi Kayley! I have a question.
    I have a lot of hair on the top of my head that have sorta been snapped off from my harsh top ponytails. They're like flyaways but worse ? Is there anyway I can grow those hairs out so they reach lower ponytails? Could I use castor oil or something? Thanks!

  14. Honestly I NEED you for my homecoming dance in few months

  15. I love this but I can't french braid… Can u do a video on braidless hairstyles for short hair… I would really apreciated it.?

  16. Could you please check out my YouTube channel, I'm so inspired by you! Love ya ????

  17. Man I'd love to see you do Janice Rand's hair lol

  18. It looks sooo hard!!! But actually its so easy to do!! Thank u beautifulll your videoes are the best ! ?? you r soo cute and nice ?? i will try it soon ??

  19. Great, YouTube unsubscribed me from your channel… resubscribed now 🙂
    Also, where do you buy the clips you use for sectioning?

  20. Oh, I very much remember doing zig-zag parts back in the 90s! I can't believe the 90s are back tbh!!! eek!!

  21. Zig zag parts, lets revive that next ?

  22. There's something that I'm trying to understand..
    How can you do hairstyles for long and short hair ??
    And when did you cut your hair?!
    Btw loved the video ❤❤❤??

  23. that's gorgeous !!!! i don't think i can do that one my brain does not like braiding under 🙁

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