Watch Your Intake: Guide to Misuse of Prescription Drugs

Watch Your Intake: Guide to Prescription Drug Misuse

Statistics show that there were over 70,000 overdose-related deaths in 2017 in the United States.

Drug abuse and drug addiction are two common problems lingering the country today. The prescription drug industry also faces an increase in 2019 as more people seek pills to treat their chronic pain and end up leading to dependence.

It’s important to pay close attention to the prescription pills you take each day. You don’t want to accidentally overdose or become addicted.

This is your guide to prescription drug misuse.

Drug Misuse Occurs Because Prescription Drugs are Easy to Obtain

Popping pills to treat chronic pain can often help a patient manage their symptoms. When prescription medication is carefully monitored by a doctor, it can have positive health effects¬†on a person’s body.

However, prescription drugs are often misused because they are so readily available. Drugs are powerful substances to treat many health problems, but they can also have severe consequences.

Young adults, ages 18-25, are the ones who misuse these drugs. Young adults are commonly prescribed medications to treat infections or viruses. Once a person starts to use a drug and feels the pleasure the drug will provide him or her, the individual may seek other ways to get the drug after the prescription is done.

Young adults have connections within their friend groups to help them get the type of drugs they seek. Unfortunately, drugs circulate quickly with young adults which means they are readily available.

Health Care Professionals Can Aid in the Prevention of Drug Misuse – Or Enable It

To avoid misuse of medication, health care professionals are required to ask a patient for their drug history. Doctors are also writing more prescription than ever before which is one reason why drug misuse continues to affect the entire population of the country.

Trained clinicians can also identify the signs of possible drug addiction with a patient. There are evidence-based screening tools that clinicians can use in order to test for the misuse of drugs.

Other obvious signs of addiction can be alarming to a health care professional. If a patient attempts to walk into a pharmacy seeking medication for an unscheduled refill, then doctors need to be alerted.

Luckily, there are also databases linking a patient to the types of prescription medications he or she has obtained within the last year. This information will also be important for health care professionals to understand a patient’s medical history.

Prescription Drug Addiction Can Be Treated

If someone you know continues to act out of character you need to alert his or her doctor immediately. Getting help for your loved one can turn his or her life around. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

Prescription drug misuse affects millions of people. Teens and older adults suffer from drug addiction. Drug rehab centers, such as Inspire Malibu, are options to consider for your loved one to seek the treatment necessary to beat the addiction once and for all.

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