According to a study conducted by a group of scientists from the leading universities in the USA, only 20% of people manage to lose excess weight effectively. One of the reasons that makes losing weight such a hard task is the plateau effect. This is a phenomenon where the weight stops decreasing despite all efforts.Read More →

This year, we’ve been absolutely wowed by Pink’s abs. To learn her fitness secrets, we went to trainer Juliet Kaska, who showed us four moves that work the midsection from all angles to create a rock-hard midriff. All the exercises are done standing, making the moves functional and full-body. Press play to learn how you can get Pink’s abs.Read More →

Go from beginner to advanced in just 8 weeks and reach peak performance with the help of our Beginner Program! Phase one focuses on strengthening your muscles, tendons, and ligaments, and boosting your flexibility and Phase two focuses on improving your cardiovascular endurance, stamina, and muscle power.Read More →

If you want to know how to lift your chest you should check out the bust lift exercises in this workout for perkier breasts. These breast lift exercises are the most effective ones we’ve found to firm and shape your breasts. If you’ve been looking for how to lift breasts naturally you should try this bust lift workout. These are the best chest exercises for women we’ve got in our arsenal.Read More →

Who needs a kettlebell when you have a pumpkin? Before you scoop the guts out of your pumpkin, use it as a weight to keep your own gut in check! You can replace a medicine ball or kettlebell with a pumpkin in many traditional exercises. Press play to learn a few moves to do before carving your jack-o’-lantern.Read More →

This fast morning workout will help you get a total body morning workout in a very short span of time. If you liked our popular 8 Minute Morning Workout video you’re going to love this quick morning workout too. This is a fat burning morning workout that will also help you build muscle. Do this every morning and you’ll be on your way to strong and lean!Read More →

Never one to be quiet about her struggles with losing weight, Jessica Simpson is looking better than ever these days. Along with following the Weight Watchers plan, Jessica worked out regularly with her longtime trainer Harley Pasternak. Press play and learn three of Jessica favorite leg-toning exercises.Read More →

Cameron Diaz’s newest flick, The Counselor, opens tomorrow, and alongside the all-star cast, expect to see a lot of bare skin from the actress. To find out how Cameron stays in shape to look her best for every role, we talked to her longtime trainer Teddy Bass. He let us to her favorite moves, including what keeps her legs looking long and toned for bikini season and beyond!Read More →

This inner thigh workout for beginners will show you the best inner thigh exercises to help you strengthen this area. This is an intense inner thigh workout whether you’re experienced or a complete beginner. It contains inner thigh exercises for beginners that even experienced exercisers can use to strengthen the inner thighs if they are weak.Read More →

In the new movie We’re the Millers, Jennifer Aniston strips down to her lingerie, revealing a toned, tan, and tight physique. While Jen already follows a pretty healthy lifestyle, some hard work went into getting in shape for this role. We talked to Jen’s trainer to get the lowdown on the star’s workout routine, diet, and cheat food (it will probably surprise you!). Read More →