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5 NEW Glute Exercises You SHOULD BE DOING!!

These new glute exercises are must do booty exercises to grow your glutes. We guarantee that in this list there’s at least one glute exercise you’re not doing. If you want to know how to grow your glutes you’re going to have to move past your current plateau by trying a new glute workout, and these glute builders are perfect for that.

Quiet Cardio Workout | Fat Burning LOW IMPACT HIIT | No Jumping

This quiet cardio routine is an apartment friendly workout with no jumping so you won’t risk upsetting the downstairs neighbors. It’s a low impact HIIT workout that won’t wake your family if you’re doing it early in the morning or late at night or during baby’s nap time! But despite the fact that it’s a quiet cardio routine you’ll get an amazing fat burn. Try this no impact cardio workout now!

Stability Ball Workout For Your Abs | Strength Training | Fit How To

Incorporating a stability ball into your workouts is an easy way to challenge even the most basic exercise. Whether you're lying on a stability ball or simply holding it, you'll quickly find how much harder your body has to work — especially when it comes to ab exercises! Just in time for the oncoming bikini season, we're taking you through a series of ab exercises that really focus on strengthening and toning your entire core. Hit play and get ready to feel the burn!