What’s the biggest weight loss mistake most women make? Paying too much attention to scale weight is one of the worst weight loss mistakes. If you’re looking to achieve body fat loss, the scale isn’t the most accurate tool to gauge progress. There are a number of reasons why we name this the worst weight loss mistake and we’ll explain just why in this video.Read More →

How about we do some dancing? In case you’re thinking, I’ll pass on that because, well, I can’t really dance, don’t worry! This video guide can change your life once and for all. This step-by-step guide is so simple that it’ll teach even the clumsiest of people to dance like a pro.Read More →

Sculpting the inner thighs means doing precise and detailed exercises, both specialties of the Pure Barre method. Take a Pure Barre lesson in your home and learn four toning exercises, plus additional variations, with this video. And don’t worry about not having a barre — you can use your kitchen counter, the back of a couch, or a sturdy chair for support. Press play, and get ready to work it.Read More →