5 Body Hacks to Instantly Calm Overwhelming Emotion

Getting overwhelmed with emotion isn’t pretty. Think fist-shaped holes in the drywall, a blowout bar fight, or throwing your soon-to-be-ex’s stuff out a window, preferably ablaze. But overwhelming emotion can also turn privately inward, resulting in cutting, drinking yourself into a stupor, or a massive binge. In some ways, all the

When to Worry About a Bruise

We've all experienced a bruise or two here and there throughout our lives. Some of us who are a bit clumsier may have seen a few more. Bruising is a very commonly reported symptom at the doctor's office. But it can infrequently be a sign of something more concerning. How do

How to Increase Breast Milk Supply

Many of you have asked for an episode on foods and herbs that can increase breast milk supply. This is something that a lot of new moms worry about. In fact, it is the primary reason women give for stopping breast-feeding. Unfortunately, this worry, or the perception that milk supply

5 Ways to Enjoy a Winter Pregnancy

Pregnancy, no matter what the season, is truly one of the most miraculous journeys a woman (and her partner!) will ever experience. As you watch your body grow your precious baby for nine months, you’ll continually be amazed at the process, and at the same time as your belly expands

Embracing Masculine Vulnerability: A Q&A with Lewis Howes

Today we're talking to podcaster, author, athlete, and entrepreneur Lewis Howes about an unlikely, but very timely, topic: masculine vulnerability. Lewis Howes is the New York Times bestselling author of the The School of Greatness and hosts the Top 100 iTunes ranked podcast of the same name. Lewis was recognized

Why ‘Training Time-Outs’ Can Be Positive

A few weeks ago, Shalane Flanagan became the first American woman to win the New York City Marathon in 40 years, and the most interesting part is that she did it after taking a substantial part of 2017 off from training and racing to recover from a major injury. (adsbygoogle =