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5 Ways to Be More Patient and Less Annoyed

Paul from Australia wrote in and asked how he could cultivate his patience. Paul is visually impaired and often gets questions or offers of help from strangers. At first, the questions were welcome conversation starters and the offers of help were charming. But after years and years, as you might

5 Ways to Combat Aging Muscles

This is the third in a three-part series on muscle health that I have done in partnership with Ensure. However, the opinions I express in these articles are all my own. We lose approximately 1% of our muscle mass each year starting at age 50. Aging muscles affect everything from our

3 Ways to Improve Your Nutrition This Fall

As autumn gets under way in the Northern Hemisphere, here are three tips for transitioning out of summer and into the cooler weather. For our many readers from the Southern Hemisphere, I realize that it’ll be a few months before you can put these tips into action. In the meantime,

6 Signs You Were Raised by a Narcissist

Why did the narcissistic parent cross the road? They thought it was your boundaries! Last week’s episode on toxic family members resonated with lots of listeners. Garrett from Oklahoma wrote in and asked to hear more about the effects of being raised by a narcissist. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); So what happens

Some Natural Remedies for Hair Growth

Some-Natural-Remedies-for-Hair-Growth Natural Remedies for Hair Growth Everyone today is looking for natural remedies for hair growth. For caring for hair, the busy lifestyle of today has created so many hair issues in individuals and due to the lack of time, more and more folks are now opting for short hair trims. If

How to Trust People Again: 8 Easy Steps

A few months ago on the podcast we talked about how to rebuild trust in a relationship. But what happens if mistrust expands beyond a partner to, well, everyone? Not trusting anyone keeps you safe from hurt and betrayal, but it also leaves you isolated and suspicious. If this sounds familiar,

How Memory Works and 6 Tips to Improve It

Red, purple, green, blue. Red, purple, green, blue. Why is this important? Well, hold that thought. Have you ever been about to leave your house in the morning rush and realized that you have no idea where you last left your car keys? Have you ever asked yourself, did I schedule