10 Easy Ways to Get Rid of Wrinkles In a Few Days

10 effective natural ways to make your skin look young again. Get rid of wrinkles and make your skin look perfect in just a few days!

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  1. Can you plz translate this video in hindi.
    And definetly they need to show with real persons not a cartoon.
    I cant understand this

  2. Wait its for girls!!
    Why imma here!!!

  3. At least not a riddle now…

  4. wonderful because I have a line under my eye but I donno if it's a wrinkle???

  5. The amount of fake science in this video disgusts me

  6. *looks at thumbnail*

    I sense photoshop.

  7. Floor is lava

    Like if you were in bed

  8. Thanks the forehead one will really vome in handy


  10. You need to be quite vain to spend this kind of time on your face ?

  11. # 11 take pic and photoshop it..get wrinkle fee, toned and refined loook?

  12. Please stop it…some tips made me laugh harder.

  13. In the thumbnail didn't you just photoshopped it? Not cool lol.

  14. It would be better if you use a model instead of a cartoon which is confusing

  15. I need to tell this to my mother.

  16. Check the photographs. If everything is in the same place, etc. then the photograph was modified and not the human using Photoshop.

    Find Hillary Clinton’s makeup artist who made her sagging face look smooth and glow on TV.

  17. Forget about wrinkles my question is how did you get 8 million subscribers in less than 1 year?

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