10 Halloween Nail Art Designs: The Ultimate Guide

Hey guys! Today we’re sharing 10 new nail art designs just in time for Halloween! We hope these designs get you in the Halloween spirit and inspire your next manicure. Let us know down in the comments which of these 10 Halloween designs are your favorite!


  1. A-England – Natasha’s Dance War & Peace
    Live Love Polish – Linen
    Live Love Polish – LBD
    Dotting tool
    Brush 004 by Indigo
  2. Live Love Polish – Linen
    Joshik – Believe
    Cirque Colors – Doyers
    Clear nail stamp
    Stamping plate: BM-S248 (Bundle Monster) & Texture-Licious 2 (ÜberChic)
  3. Serendipity – Orange County Girl
    Live Love Polish – LBD
    Studs from eBay
    Brush 004 by Indigo
  4. Indigo – Manifique
    Essie – Sweet Talker
    Live Love Polish – LBD
    Brush 004 by Indigo
  5. Serendipity – Hike & Be Happy
    OPI – Front Lawn
    Cirque Colors – Doyers
    Live Love Polish – LBD
    Brush 004 by Indigo
  6. Live Love Polish – LBD
    Serendipity – CaLOVEfornia
    Vinyls – Whats Up Nails
  7. Essie – All Access Pass
    Picture Polish – Gelato
    Sticker – Whats Up Nails
  8. Essence – Dream On
    Live Love Polish – LBD
    Cirque Colors – Doyers
    Brush 004 by Indigo
  9. Ciaté – Cream Soda
    Cirque Colors – Velvet Underground
    Mini Mani Moo – Lavender
    Stud from eBay
    Brush 004 by Indigo
  10. Starrily – Albert Elfstein
    Mini Mani Moo – Mustard
    Live Love Polish – LBD
    Dotting Tool

Thank you so much for watching! Love you guys ❤


  1. Which of these 10 designs is your favourite? ????

  2. The 6th one was brilliant but all of them was amazing

  3. I love your tweezers, my room is the exact colour

  4. Such adorable designs! ?

  5. BEST MOVIE EVER: Coraline I'm obsessed with it♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  6. the “bye!” at the end was so cute ? lol

  7. Thank you! Finally someone says that the monster isn’t called Frankenstein, because the creator is called Victor Frankenstein! The monster doesn’t really have a name, you can call it Frankenstein’s monster.

  8. What's the top coat polish used?

  9. No wonder it was someone else. Miri. Sandi’s lines aren’t this jagged. Sorry, Miri

  10. Does anyone know where I can buy a matte top coat I can’t find one anywhere

  11. I loved all of them, but the bat flying in a purple sky is just so intriguing. I love that one more.

  12. great nail art wish you luck for future

  13. ❤️ the new intro
    ❤️'s – Criszelle

  14. I like which hat

  15. Hoi I love your video's I have learned so much already but I have a question when I do stripes with nail tape the lines always bleef trough how do I make sure that doesnt happen hope to get a answer

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