10 Mistakes That Make You Fatter According to Fitness Trainers

If you want a slim body, you have to do a lot of cardio, right? This misconception is extremely popular among those who want to lose weight. However, not many people know that cardio can actually turn into a fat trap. Not only can aerobic exercises prevent you from losing fat but they can also make you gain extra pounds!

For example, when you regularly do the same exercise, your body gets better at this activity. As a result, it doesn’t need to put in as much effort as before, so you don’t spend as much energy as you used to and, thus, don’t burn enough calories. The best thing you can do in this case is diversify your workouts. To learn which other cardio mistakes you should avoid, watch our new video!

You focus on cardio rather than strength training 0:58
You try to stay in your “fat-burning” zone 2:19
You do cardio on an empty stomach 3:41
You think you can eat whatever you want if you do enough cardio 5:10
Your training sessions are always the same 6:39
You do too much cardio 7:43
You use light weights while doing cardio 8:56
You don’t do enough cardio 9:41
You do cardio only in the morning 10:26
You do your cardio and only after that do you hit the weights 11:03

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  • If you want to become slimmer, strength training works better. First of all, such workouts build up lean muscle mass, and this decreases fat stores and boosts your metabolism.
  • You burn many more calories during and after high-intensity workouts. This is because the fat-burning effect of such exercises can last for up to 24 hours. As a result, this makes you lose fat much faster.
  • The muscles you use to do cardio exercises do depend heavily on carbs and fats to get energy. But contrary to what many people believe, your body won’t get this energy from fat stores in your belly or hips.
  • If you eat a lot and then train a lot, you can exhaust your body and overtrain. Consequently, you may suffer from burnout and injuries, your immune system will get weaker, and your sleep will become less restful.
  • Cortisol negatively influences your hunger-regulating hormones. This makes you feel hungry, and the worst thing about this is that you feel starved not only during your workout session but long after you finish it as well.
  • Light weights don’t make much difference when you use them during your cardio session. They are too insignificant to strengthen your muscles, and they don’t help you burn more calories.
  • Many people believe they can get slim by training for half an hour 3 times a week. However, that’s not enough to become fit. By doing such workouts, you only stay moderately active.
  • If you feel that morning workouts aren’t for you since, instead of feeling energized, you become tired and unhappy, do them when it feels best for you.
  • If you start your workout with an intense cardio session, you might not have enough strength left for effective strength training.


  1. Which do you like better, cardio or strength training? Why? ??

  2. I think that’s where it’s wrong, I did cross country for a while and as long as your pushing yourself, and watch what you eat, but don’t not eat!, then you can always lose weight..:)

  3. At the end "now drop and give me twenty"……. I actually did and man am I weak

  4. I eat way too slowly too eat what ever I wont in large amounts .

  5. I have done all training through the years. You really want one thing that will change you? Do shoulder width pull ups, palms facing out. 1 set twice a week. Squeeze your stomach when you do pull ups too ( hollow body pull ups)
    Just twice a week pull ups. I dare you

  6. Plastic Garbage all around the world. Burn them.

  7. Does walking in the mall all day count as a workout?


  9. It seems to me that overweight people are usually the ones that try to get philosophical about weight loss. In my experience, when I ran 10 miles a day, I was eating pots of spaghetti and entire pizzas and still lost 20 lbs, and had a nice and low blood pressure. I do agree with the part of this video that says you should eat before a workout. That part is true. Working out on an empty stomach can make you sick. In terms of losing weight, it takes work, not philosophy. If cardio workouts are boring, try dance or badminton/tennis.

  10. By the way I don’t like your videos it makes me sick you guys insult to much ??????????????????????????????????????????

  11. So… it all good suggestions but not everything works. Please make a disclaimer that it does not work on everyone. Its not one size fits all. Each person if different and each body is so. So ppl should try and see what works what does not. Thank you.

  12. I lost about 40 lbs just walking 2 miles every morning. I ate whatever I wanted too. I call sh!t of the bull,sir!

  13. In the video "things you are doing that prevent you from loosing weight" says to exercise when you're hungry. So which one is it??

  14. 40-60min workout everyday with right food can make you loose weight …
    And yes strength training and stretching can make u slim faster

  15. Don't never ever copy Max thumbnail ?

  16. I lost tons of weight doing cardio for 2 yrs straight ….so this here is not true ….however I did eat small amounts and I removed all sugar…all sugar

  17. Very good. I really enjoy kickboxing workouts as well as strength training .

  18. ? hew ! Hoh my ! Thanks for let me know . i need for my best bodybuilding with my ??. i love bodybuilding.

  19. Very sloppily done and the info is not correct.

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