10 Natural Home Remedies for Silky Smooth Feet

Make your feet smooth with 10 effective home remedies. These secret tips will become your essential beauty routine.
It’s hard to believe it, but some common household items are perfect for foot care.
Banana and honey are effective natural skin moisturizers. Aloe vera is well-known for being a true miracle for the skin. Vegetable oil is rich in vitamins that nourish the skin and promote cell renewal. Baking soda is a powerful exfoliant. Listerine and vinegar work as a great mixture to soak your feet in. You’ll be surprised to know that Vicks VapoRub can make your skin soft and moisturized.

Listerine and vinegar 0:22
Rice flour, honey, and vinegar 1:16
Banana 2:04
Honey 2:56
Vegetable oil 3:49
Vicks VapoRub 4:30
Baking soda 5:05
Aloe vera gel 5:47
Vaseline and lemon juice 6:43
Epsom salt 7:26

-Combined together, listerine and vinegar make the perfect duo for smooth healthy feet.
-Make a healing and exfoliating scrub out of rice flour, honey, and vinegar.
-Try banana as a natural skin moisturizer.
-Honey can draw water from the inner tissues to the outer layers of the skin to make it smooth.
-Use vegetable oil rich in vitamins to help nourish the skin and promote cell renewal.
-Try Vicks VapoRub traps to keep moisture in the skin making it soft and moisturized.
-Baking soda removes dead cells and has anti-inflammatory properties.
-Make good use of aloe vera’s skin healing powers.
-Mix freshly squeezed lemon juice and Vaseline to get a powerful moisturizer.
-Try Epsom salt to reduce inflammation and soften the skin.

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  1. Ever heard of soap and loation?

  2. Whenever I get dried skin on my foot (happens a lot coz I walk outside bare foot all the time.) and I just get on the sink, well I sit on the counter, (I’m a small child, lol, so I can fit) and I just scrub it all off. TMI?

  3. Tell me background music's name

  4. Thanks
    I will try one of them

  5. Anyone tried it out? Does it work?

  6. Drinking 8 glasses of water daily really helps

  7. If ur of 14 years of age. Can body lotion also make it soft and smooth?

  8. Vinegar works amazing with some drops of lime and warm water.. scrub w. pumice stone and rinse everything off and moisture with a ft lotion and done .. I do this 2x a week also helps prevent toe fungus

  9. That is nice

  10. Attention, sympa, a French youtuber copied your video!!!

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