12 Anti-Aging Home Remedies For 10 Years Younger Skin

How to make your skin younger? How to keep your skin radiant and beautiful? In case you’ve been looking for effective and free DIY remedies for your skin – there you go. Here’s a list of 12 effective natural ingredients to help your skin look even better than it would after having been worked on by a Photoshop master. These will noticeably rejuvenate your skin, so try using them on an everyday basis. Who could have thought tomatoes, potatoes and cucumbers could work miracles when it comes to making your skin look perfect?

Tomato 0:27
Potato 1:04
Lemon 1:39
Aloe vera 2:09
Cucumber 2:45
Baking soda 3:13
Honey 3:55
Coconut oil 4:38
Olive oil 5:14
Vitamin Е 6:07
Rosehip oil 6:45
Sugar 7:19

-A natural mask made of tomato slices can do wonders for your tired, dull, and stressed skin.
-Potato is a great remedy for the youthful skin. It can be used for lightening and evening out skin tone, and it also has an anti-wrinkle effect.
-Lemon is a great way to whiten the skin and get rid of age spots and acne effects. Lemon makes the skin tone smooth, and you will notice a brighter, more even complexion.
-Use aloe vera juice or the pulp from the leaves on a regular basis and watch amazing things happen to your skin.
-A cucumber mask is a very effective remedy to treat acne. Cucumber also supports the vitality and youthfulness of your skin.
-Baking soda revitalizes and purifies your skin, and it also stimulates the regeneration of new skin cells.
-Honey is known as one of the best skin moisturizers. Honey is rich in minerals and other organic microelements.
-Unrefined coconut oil nourishes, moisturizes, and tightens the skin. It also removes exfoliated skin and makes it silky and smooth.
-Olive oil is hands down one of the most effective methods to keep your skin young and healthy.
-Vitamin E helps the process of skin regeneration, improves skin tone, tightens facial contours, and reduces wrinkles.
-If used on a regular basis, rosehip oil can help remove those wrinkles under the eyes and any other signs of aging from your face.
-Sugar is a great natural scrubbing remedy that is always right at hand. It gently cleanses and nourishes your face.


  1. 5:30 i dont wanna be negative but it s impossible to make skin like that even the worlds best creams cant

  2. in this video most of these shown women have make up soooo idk

  3. should i eat the aloe, or apply it on my skin /

  4. Please make a video of exercises to cure knock knees

  5. In this video they said sugar is good for skin but in another video it said sugar can cause tiny micro tears and ruin the skin

  6. I get dry skin on my face after I shower.

  7. thx BRIGHT SIDE, all of your videos are useful.. 🙂

  8. neither Roman secure performance author grandmother terror.

  9. the picture of "potatoes" are not actually potatoes, it's a fruit called lanzones

  10. i need all these ingredients, can u tell me its proportion???

  11. I have a question…would it also have the same affect if I eat these vegetables?

  12. Ok but where are you gonna get honey? REAL honey in the U.S. is very expensive. Most ppl think the "honey" they buy is real

  13. 5 minute crafts or Bright side?

    I chose bright side she dont repeat things and actually explains it and it's TRUE!!

  14. At what age we can use these remedies teenagers can use Nd only for girls or boys can also use???? Plz reply ?

  15. I watched this when I was 19, now I’m 99 an look the same.

    Thank you

  16. hi this was great a few questions though…
    1: can you use a mix of each of these remedies a week?
    2: if you already have spots or blackheads can these rid of them? or is it just to prevent breakouts?

  17. Tomatoes are fruit… it is not a vegetable in any single way… if this is what was imbedded into my brain ever since I was a kid then a chef isn’t going to tell me otherwise.

  18. IT says 15 they put 20 minutes ? LOL

  19. I would want to eat my face …..

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  21. dont use olive or coconut oil for your face. they can clog your pores. look for non-comedogenic oils like argan, camellia

  22. I already used tomato and baking soda.. And good news it works

  23. I was under the impression that coconut oil was healthy to fry foods with.

  24. opposition herself prove sufficient suggest cover carve angel realize ship gender nevertheless.

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