12 Gestures That Make You Less Attractive

Even the best look that took forever to create can be ruined by bad body language. This instinctual nonverbal “messenger” is still the main factor that influences how others perceive us and can make people like you or, on the contrary, make you totally unattractive. Here’s a quick guide to some gestures you should avoid to always look your best.
Gripping your arm behind your back sends a strong negative signal to those around you. The higher you grab your arm, the angrier you seem to people.
Hiding your hands in your pockets means a lot of things, which is why it’s important to interpret body language as a whole. But in most cases people put their hands in their pockets when they’re nervous.
Clasped hands resting on the table is a mini-version of crossing your arms over your chest. Sitting with your fingers laced together and your hands raised off the table sends the same message: “I’m shutting myself off, and I don’t want to talk to you.”
Instead of slouching, straighten your back, look ahead of you, and pick your feet up when you walk. These tips will improve your appearance even more than a new suit or a stunning dress!
While we usually put our hands on the lips simply because we don’t know where to put our hands, it’s still a pretty intimidating pose to see on a conversation partner. We unconsciously touch our mouth when we’re lying and many people know this. Also, when you cover your mouth, it can be hard to understand what you’re saying.
Clinching your hands looks like you’re literally about to punch someone in the face or you’re ready to defend yourself.
Eye contact could be the most important part of communication. If you tend to maintain too much eye contact or you simply want to avoid doing so, try to fidget with something every once in a while, maybe lint on your pants or something in your salad. Just don’t overdo the fake distractions because you’ll seem impolite.
There have been a lot of cool psychological studies on this topic, but to keep it short: we copy people who we like, and we like people who copy us.

-When you grip your wrist or forearm behind your back, it sends a strong negative signal to those around you.
-Standing with your ankles crossed shows that you don’t completely believe in the things you’re saying.
-Clasped hands resting on the table send a message: “I’m shutting myself off, and I don’t want to talk to you.”
-The higher you place your arms on the table, the more you want to hide behind them.
-Slouching gives the impression that you feel helpless, unconfident, and miserable in life.
-People perceive such a tight-lipped smile as sarcasm and smugness.
-Sitting at a table and talking to a person with your hand extended out towards them tells your conversation partner that you want them to stop talking.
-Standing with your hands on your hips says, “Well, what do you wanna tell me? I’ll probably disagree anyway!”
-Unless you’re actually hitch-hiking, don’t point your thumb behind you while talking to someone. This gesture can often be regarded as a sign of disrespect.
-Clinching your hands reveals hidden anger and fear.
-You shouldn’t cover your mouth with your hand when you talk because the person you’re speaking with might think that you’re hiding something.
-We often shake our fingers at someone when we really want to convince someone of our point of view on a certain matter.
-Smile sincerely, don’t force or fake it. Eye contact is key. Tilt your head. Use your brows. “Mirror” the person you’re talking to.


    Gripping your arm behind your back 0:43
    Crossing your ankles 1:04
    Clasping your hands 1:33
    Elbows on the table and fingers laced together 1:54
    Slouching 2:18
    Smirking 2:44
    A hand reaching towards the person you're talking to 3:10
    Hands on your hips 3:44
    A hitch-hiker’s thumb 4:11
    Clenched fists 4:36
    A hand covering your mouth 5:06
    Shaking your finger at someone 5:32
    Pointers that’ll help you leave a good impression of yourself 5:50

  2. Anyone else that does all of the above? Or an I just 1200% unattractive? XD

  3. Thank you that was Very helpful


  5. Beautiful ladies with ideal facial symmetry can make
    someone feel less than. Good points, anyway…..

  6. It’s ok to be angry
    It’s ok to be nervous
    It’s ok to feel like not talking to anybody
    This video is a complete joke

  7. Does anyone really care about someone's gesture when talking to them. Of course the answer is yes, but personally I only react when the gesture is more noticeable. I won't notice when someone has their hand behind their back or crosses their fingers. If the gesture is subtle enough, it probably won't be problematic.

  8. I can’t believe this video. So basically you can’t do anything. Tell me who tf are y’all to tell people what they can n can not do?? forget what other people around u think, god….LIVE YOUR OWN LIFE AND DO WHAT YOU WANNA DO HONEY!!!

  9. Not sure how accurate this video is. I see gripping behind the back as flirtatious and fingers laced elbows on the table as the person is thinking.

  10. Reading body language is a very faulty arena. People are far too complex to pin down exactly what each gesture means. Furthermore, though some body language can say much about a person's intentions or feelings, most of this stuff is inaccurate, and unnoticeable.

  11. After watching this video I can say it’s hard to live in this world we all are same but we all have to learn the same thing

  12. i cant stand this guy…poo poo
    had to say…..sad face

  13. I always stand with my ankles crossed because it's a more comfortable way for me to stand O.o like I've done it my whole life

  14. Thank you I really love this video

  15. Bright side make vlog on how to dress like royal person but appear expensive

  16. Even if you avoid these gestures or improve it … yet your heart and mind is dirty and dont know how to respect other people around you its all non sense …

  17. I drag my feet due to having weak legs and walking normally tries them out faster. But my back is straight and relax my body but I can't help but drag my feet so I walk for longer

  18. So…only women send negative body language messages?

  19. What if we don’t really care what people say personality matter most and that’s a fact

  20. You do not want to know where my hands are .

    So what personality Am I ?

  21. What works well in some countries might not work well in another country. Different people, different norms and values.

  22. Nothing wrong with hands in your pockets. ?

  23. In the business I'm in, your body language is irrelevant because I can call security.. Also, the head tilt in another video said that's a sign of weakness. I actually like the head tilt sometimes. gripping arms behind your back always seems like an open non defensive posture. I guess it depends on the circumstances.

  24. So…….where are my arms going?

  25. Dang, why are arms and hands so difficult to deal with? I've never thought about them that much. I just use them and am happy to have functioning ones.

  26. I do all these because i dont know where to put my arms lol

  27. People with arms crossed over the chest are closed off, disinterested.

    People who are lying to you will blink more than normal & will also look down & to the left

    People who interrupt when another is speaking are indirectly saying "what I have to say is more important than what you're saying "

    When another person is speaking look at them & acknowledge that you understand what was said

    When introduced to someone you've never met before say their name
    ie: "so nice to meet you Sally" then immediately follow up with an open ended question again using their name ie: "tell me Sally what type of hobbies do you enjoy?" People LOVE to talk about themselves & it will put them at ease.

  28. I loved this video because it has both to do and not to do ❤️

  29. I do all of these . Like and I'm nice and all haa

  30. I perceive that most of this, except for the obvious, which one can discern, is for those who want to pursue and work with a high-level management system. There are too many technicalities regarding this; akin to a musician who knows all the notes and chords but cannot make it flow from the fingers. A good mentor would help. My long experience with body language and psychology as a denizen in various parts of the world, that sometimes, good things in certain cultures make a less positive impact in other nations. Ironically, A good thing in one may offend in another. To turn the other cheek: necessitates finding a fortified foundation, change the angle — and bring the Vaseline!

  31. I do number twelve naturally when I am nervous

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