12 Things That Can Make You Unattractive

Even the most stylish look can easily be ruined by things that might seem small to you but are, in fact, real game-changers. If you want to always look your best, you just have to follow some simple style rules, which won’t cost you a fortune, but will make you look like a million dollars.
If the fabric looks like it’s been washed dozens of times, and its color is now far from the original, it’ll make you look less than put-together. Yellow or grey tones in a once-white article of clothing will make you look messy and a little dirty. Probably the most unrefined of all are sweat stains on white clothes.
Sleeves sloppily pushed up like an accordion will turn you into the poor soul who’s never worn a button-up shirt in their life. Remember your pockets are not intended to carry your whole life, and that includes your wallet, phone, chewing gum, and keys. Not only suits look cheaper with stretched-out pockets, the same is true for jeans and jackets. Some fabrics look great but can easily get stretched out at the knee every time you sit down. And next thing you know, your pants look like you’ve been wearing them for ages.

When people see dandruff flakes on your shoulders, the only thing they want to do is to keep their distance. Going OTT with the jewelry, especially in combination with bright make-up, can turn even a carefully planned outfit into something awkward. If you don’t apply beauty products correctly or touch it up throughout the day, your makeup can make you look older and tired. Lipstick or food on your teeth, a small hole in your dress, smudges on your glasses: all this seemingly minor stuff is actually quickly and easily noticed by people we’ve just met, and it definitely doesn’t give a good impression.


Faded clothes 0:29
White clothes that are no longer perfectly white 1:26
Sloppily rolled up sleeves 2:23
Bulging pockets 3:08
Harem pants 3:58
Stretched out knees 4:35
Dandruff on clothes 5:15
Too many accessories 5:48
An unkempt beard 6:20
Saggy pants 7:08
Bad makeup 7:37
The little things 8:14

-Wash your brights and dark colors (separately, of course!) in cold water and don’t tumble dry.
-If you see signs of yellowing, simply add hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, or lemon juice when you wash your whites. Don’t let sweat stains set.
-To look as stylish as can be, unfasten the buttons on your sleeve, straighten the material out, and roll the cuff up your arm, making 1-2 careful turns for the entire width of the cuff.
-Carry your stuff in a bag, not in your pockets. If you’re a guy, get a briefcase or just carry your belongings in your hands.
-If you just can’t give up wearing your favorite harem pants, then combine them with a plain tee and sneakers or sandals.
-Simply pull your pants up at the knee a bit each time you sit down to avoid knee stretching.
-If you see dandruff on your clothes, consult a hair and scalp specialist figure out the root of the problem. Until then, avoid wearing dark-colored tops.
-Follow Coco Chanel’s advice and remove the accessory that you put on last before leaving the house. After all, this is usually the one that turns out to be excessive.
-Style your beard according to your face shape. Major beard shaping should be done in a barbershop. In the future, you can maintain the shape yourself by using a trimmer.
-Buy jeans that fit you and avoid styles with a significantly low waistline.
-Use good quality makeup products, they tend to last longer. If your makeup is beyond anything that a touchup can fix, it’s better to just wash it off.
-Before leaving the house, take a few minutes to critically examine yourself in the mirror. The same should be done after drinking coffee or having a bite to eat.


    Faded clothes 0:29
    White clothes that are no longer perfectly white 1:26
    Sloppily rolled up sleeves 2:23
    Bulging pockets 3:08
    Harem pants 3:58
    Stretched out knees 4:35
    Dandruff on clothes 5:15
    Too many accessories 5:48
    An unkempt beard 6:20
    Saggy pants 7:08
    Bad makeup 7:37
    The little things 8:14

  2. The thing that instantly ruins an appearance and causes a dramatic effect is the clothes’ price tag!!! I mean, everything else are details to make you look well put together. Now, the price tag still on is an epic fail!!! As much as yellow teeth and and dirty, messy nails!!! I thing these are the most obvious signs of a clean, well put together person…

  3. so basically you don't need to care about your physical appearance but about your clothes and accesories in order to be "attractive"… hahahhaa, sure!

  4. The most important thing is personality.

    What's truly unattractive is the following:
    . Dishonesty
    . Gossiping
    . False relationships
    . Viewing a certain amount of Adult-Content whilst in a relationship (it's a sign of lust)
    . The mistreatment of Women
    . Domestic Violence
    . Taking no responsibility for one's actions
    . The misuse of the term 'Feminist'
    . No equality
    . Femdom (there was no equality for women for years but having men as s** slaves, doesn't make things any better)
    . Spending less time with your partner and more time on something else (depending on what it is)
    . A lack of communication whilst in a relationship

  5. yellow teeth is the most unattractive thing ever ?

  6. You should always polish the hog ring in your nose.

  7. Again got triggered by the thumbnail. Like excuse me for not having round hips and an hourglass figure. I can't afford the surgeries yet and I've been trying excersizes for years ?

  8. Wow being fit and skinny can make you more attractive? Thanks Bright Side!

  9. I like this video , like I always carry a bag, so I have various bags for any occasion and I recently learnt about turning clothes inside out when washing, I try the tips on rewhiting my t shirt

  10. This is for people who want to look put together and care about their appearance and how they come across (which is important for many reasons). Obviously there are many peasants who don't care to look decent in this comment section.

  11. Did anybody else catch the typo(s) at 5:41? It’s talking about dandruff but says “YOUR SICKS SHOULD BE LONG ENOUGH TO COVER YOUR ANKLES” rather than what it’s supposed to say

  12. Thats why I dont where write clothes but I do where write scoks and stuff that goes under them

  13. The tips about faded clothes was helpful to me since I was wear black for work.

  14. Look lady i’m a guy I don’t care about separating my clothes before I wash them. I just put everything together and call it a day.

  15. i dont really decide if i like someone based on how they look, but i do think we should all have a level of pride in our appearances. For instance if someone doesn't take the time to take a shower, put on their deodorant and wear clean clothes that fit their body, it kinda seems like they are sloppy and probably wont take care of the things in their life: their house, pets, vehicle, or job. its one thing to run out of the house in a hurry and forget or miss something but doing it everyday says something about who you are as a person. JMO

  16. No. I cannot have too many rubber bracelets showing every band I listen to.

  17. button war stair hallway manufacturer crash.

  18. Not caring a bag or belongings in my hands all fkg day

  19. Did you just tell people to add coffee to their laundry? O_o

  20. An unkept beard is sooo unattractive to me. It makes be feel like you don’t wash yo self

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