We really love making edible candy lip balm and you can make the most delicious lip balm out of chocolate bars and sweets. Mix Juicy fruit candies, Orbit mints, Vaseline and food coloring into one bowl, microwave for 1 minute and pour this liquid mass into an empty lip balm container!
Check out fast ways to curl your hair even if you don’t have curling tools. Use forks instead!

Use color pencils to line your eyes. Put them in hot water for a couple of minutes and use after that! Your perfect party look is ready!

There is a quick and perfect way to contour your nose – use a fork.

We checked a lot of viral hacks if they are true and you will find the results in our video. You can use a lash curler to open a bottle. No, lash curler was broken. We found a lifehack that you can mix tomatoes and toothpaste to get rid of dark circles. And it doesn’t work. Don’t forget to sleep at least for 7 hours every day to look good in the morning. We really loved the idea to make mascara from Oreo and a primer. But the result was awful. We tried to master smoky eyes using a spoon and it works!

A scarf is not a boring accessory to keep you warm in winter but also you can transform it into stylish item! Most of us only know only a few ways to wear a scarf, but there are actually a lot of that will give you added style with this simple garment. Check out our tutorials on how to tie scarves easily and look fabulous.

You will find more helpful beauty life hacks: how to fix broken powder, polish shoes with coffee, enlarge your lips using glass and how to make a massager out of ping pong balls.


  1. Some of hacks had not worked

  2. first, i tried these "hacks" but nothing is working good job 5 minute crafts keep lying to people. Second, wasting food to make yourself beautiful instead of that give the food to homeless people and stay as you are why do you need makeup anyways stay as God made you

  3. 1:03 is no one gonna talk about this Ariel reference…

  4. I love 5 m c but they keep showing the same stuff

  5. I love 5 minute crafts ???????????

  6. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  7. She be lookin like Ariel with den forks in her hair

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  10. Always you put repeated videos please do any thing special and new

  11. why are you repeatead the hacks

  12. Christmas Day Today guys…. I hope you all get what you want

  13. Y'all do know these types of things never work in reality

  14. 10:49 did that say HYALURONIC ACID since when is ACID safe on your face

  15. 2:44 why do look soo upset ore have u just woken up or something

  16. 2:18 again because u didn't even try and u must have uses a very weak eyelash curler

  17. 2:05 how can u expect it to work when you've done it way to far from ur eyelid it works and u know its does ur just not trying

  18. Wow incredible video I absolutely LOVED it!!!!

    Hi guys I just posted TWO new video!! one is about slime and the oder one is about magic sand GO check it out if your in too that stuff!!!!!!


  20. I've seen these before or most of them

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