Look through the awesome collection of our game-changing beauty hacks.
Here is a collection of best beauty hacks:
– Buying replacement blades could be expensive over time. We share a genius lifehack how to sharpen the blades! Use your old jeans, run your razor along your jeans. You’ll want to do this with the direction of the blades and not against the blades.
– Use a drill to clean makeup brushes. Attach a brush to the drill and place into the water with liquid soap. This lifehack will save you a lot of time. If your hairbrush is full of hair, clean it using a comb!
– Your umbrella is so old but you don’t want to throw it away? Cut it and reuse as a cosmetic bag.
– Clean your mascara in micellar water
– Check out creative manicure idea how to make cute nail polish roses only with few drops of it
– Put you stretched hair tie in hot water
– If your makeup sponge is worn out, replace it with marshmallow
– If you are an owner of overhanging eyelids, correct the situation with tape
– Find out how to shape your nose perfectly using tweezers
– We share a smart way to choose the right color of foundation
– We prepared brilliant lifehack how to make super cute freckles using mehndi cone
– Use aspirin to get rid of pimples
– Find out a perfect recipe to shave your armpits: mix baking soda, lemon and coconut oil
– Aloe Vera helps is the best way to cure stretches
– Cucumber and banana is the best way to cure dark circles and puffy eyes
– Find the recipe to speed up hair growth. You will need onion juice, coconut oil, and Aloe Vera. Boil aloe Vera pieces and coconut oil for 15 minutes and add onion juice. Ready!

00:09 Cheap way to sharpen blades
00:37 Drill hack
01:15 Cosmetic bag from an umbrella
02:34 Reuse straws as caps
06:28 How to contour a nose
12:45 Aloe Vera magic

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