We prepared a new collection of awesome beauty hacks that will help you to look gorgeous! New recipes of the face and hair masks, lifehacks how to save a fortune and a lot of time! You will learn unexpected ways to use turmeric, whipped coconut cream, and garlic!
Do you use turmeric in the kitchen! Check out how to use it as a secret beauty weapon to make your skin glowing! This spice has been used in India for centuries as a medical herb. Besides, it’s a great beauty product that is used in facial masks to brighten the skin. Turmeric contains a lot of antioxidants, exfoliates skin, improves it’s texture and reduce pigmentation. So, if you woke up and your skin is pale and dark circles are huge, try our mask recipe to look fresh and shining! Take a bowl and mix yogurt, turmeric, rice flour, and honey. Apply for 20 minutes and enjoy the result.
One more helpful beauty recipe is to make a natural scrub for chapped and dry lips. You will need sugar, turmeric, and honey. Massage your lips for a minute and the problem is sold!
One more mask recipe is the mask for oily skin that is so easy to make! You will need sandalwood powder, orange juice, and turmeric.
Moreover, turmeric heals minor burns: mix turmeric with aloe vera and apply the mixture. Add turmeric to the toothpaste and it will whiten your teeth.

Add turmeric to your liquid foundation to warm up your foundation.
Dry hair and split ends are an annoying problem for long-haired girls but we have a perfect and surprising solution to this problem. Heal your split ends using… whipped coconut cream! Apply it onto your hair and leave for 20 minutes. After that wash and your hair will be shinier and moisturized.
Dandruff is an annoying problem especially if you have dark hair. Try our mask recipe to keep your skin clear – mix mouthwash and baking soda, use a cotton pad to apply it and let sit for 30 minutes. Ready!

00:09 The magic of turmeric
01:05 How to whiten your teeth
01:37 Use whipped coconut cream for dry hair
02:20 Facial mask for oily skin
07:36 Recipe for irritated skin
11:38 Wasabi for pale lips


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