3 Easy Holiday Recipes for Friendsgiving

Hey guys! Thumbs UP for Easy Holiday Recipes for both Friendsgiving and Thanksgiving! Thanks to my friends at Aldi for sponsoring this video. Friendsgiving is a way of celebrating the holiday season with friends over a dinner party! I love having friends over, but the hardest part is coming up with some easy and tasty ideas or recipes to make for them. That’s why I suggest a potluck! Today I am going to show you a few recipes that your friends and family will love! As a bonus, these are all vegan friendly to make! Loving and delicious!


  1. Great recipes, thanks Ann!!!

  2. Everything looked lovely and yummy, TFS!

  3. that "eee" sound while ann was afraid to open the champagne was the cutest thing i've ever heard

  4. That scream was cute and funny. Thanks for the laugh. Good tips also. Xoxo

  5. yummy! I'm scared of opening bottles too lol I hate the pop noise.

  6. Very Beautiful. ..Thank you ?Have a good Day ?

  7. Champagne and milk, sounds interesting.
    btw ily ♥

  8. Wow aldi made it all the way into American YouTube. Crazyyy

  9. You can't call it Hummus… you ruined it ?

  10. i've never even heard of cranberry hummus before but that's a great idea!

  11. OH my goody goodness?, nom nom nom, it all looks soo delicious.

  12. A bit random, but what is the lip color you are wearing?

  13. Love it! If anyone wants to know how to make cornbread stuffing I have a video check it out please

  14. awww they all look so yum and easy to make! Wanna try the pumpkin pie champagne

  15. Aldi is in america too? Huh ,i thought it was only a british thing…or am i….thinking of something else?

  16. I had no idea that a german supermarket exists in the USA. ? nice recipes, I have to try them. ??

  17. Champagne and milk.. I would have never thought to put those 2 together! Interesting

  18. Did you know that ALDI is a german enterprise?
    In 1913 Anna Albrecht started with a little grocery store under the name of her husband.
    Later theirs sons came up with the name ALDI for ALbrecht DIskont.
    I remember supermarkets from my childhood with the name Albrecht on the handles of shopping carts.

    And those windmill cookies are called Spekulatius and they are traditional german Christmas cookies.
    We would never eat them for thanksgiving.
    But we celebrate that in September right at the end of harvest time to thank the Lord or mother nature for everything we were given. So it is all a little different here.

  19. Don't open champagne bottles that way if you're afraid! Put the palm of your hand over the cork and kind of grab it firmly, then twist the bottle with the other hand. I've opened hundreds of champagne bottles with this technique I learned as a flight attendant. No flying corks and no accidents!

  20. I'm totally trying the hummus! Great idea.

  21. Hey Ann Le could I be invited to that instagram party

  22. ohh I love ALDI it reminds me of my home, germany ?
    very good recipes!

  23. Great recipes! I love the DIY shirt it looks nice on you!

  24. great video! I work for Aldi I Georgia.

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