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Hair Tutorial: 3 Easy Back-to-School Hairstyles for long, medium hair. Learn how to create 3 simple, everyday hairstyles with cute & easy braids. ★ Which was your Favorite Hairstyle?

In this, step-by-step, heatless hair tutorial video, learn how to create 3 quick & easy, back-to-school hairstyles for short, medium or long hair lengths. All of these pretty hairstyles were created with teenager’s style, trend and fashion in mind.

Today’s casual hairstyles for summer & fall are suitable for straight, curly, or kinky hair and will take you 5 ~ 10 minutes to do on yourself. Perfect for when you’re running late for school or work. These look good on square, long, oval or round faces.

The first pretty, half up half down hairstyle is the easiest and should take you no longer than 3 minutes to do on your own hair, perfect for school. For this tutorial, you’re going to make a normal braid and pull the hair through the loop. This will create a fake French braided look. I chose this style because it’ll look particularly beautiful on long, straight hair.

The second big, boho braid will take you 10 minutes to do. I added this because this style also makes a great second day hair. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to create an easy crisscross ponytail before making a faux fishtail braid bubble.

Last braided messy bun will take about 5 minutes or less. You make a small braid with your crown before gathering the rest of your hair to do a messy bun. It’s so easy and cute!

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  1. I like your videos, but most EVERYTHING I watch your channel I ALWAYS fast forward because it ALWAYS seems like your advertising somthing.

  2. wow! amazing!!??
    I love u and I love all yr vedios ??

  3. Hi:), i just wanted to ask if i can do the second hairstyle in a straight hair?…its really beautiful…and you too:)

  4. how do i download this video on laptop

  5. am I hallucinating or is the music the same in every video? interesting music choice…

  6. Hey why dont you also start showing us the tutorials of make up. am sure many of us would like to see that too.

  7. i must tell tat u have a gorgeous skin

  8. i love all 3 hairstyles but my most favorite was the second one ❤❤❤❤

  9. You have absolutely beautiful hair

  10. hello! I'm a new subscriber.
    I really like you're videos.. Can I suggest that you make some sporty hairstyles??
    That would be a lifesaver cause I'm sort off a sporty person 🙂

  11. Hi Tina, I really like your hairstyles and have been following you for some time now. I do have a question though. In many of your tutorials you mention using hairextentions. I have a set from Estelle that I really like and want to use more. So could you show how to apply the extentions for the different hairstyles you make? That will help me a lot. I am doing these hairstyles on my daughter every day and she is using extentions too. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

  12. Vc é muito criativa!!!!!!!!Parabéns!!!!!!! Amei!!!!

  13. i love ur hairstyles and thank you

  14. oh goodness !! your gorgeous ?? & I love your hair ♡ ! I'm definitely trying the third hair style when I go back to school ?! keep up the good work gorgeous ❤ love your channel ?

  15. hiii tina ur soo beautiful i love ur hairstyles could you please do ashley bensons hair from prom on pretty little liars

  16. luv the hairstyles,but a little to hard for me.U should do late to school quick and easy.

  17. how do you get your hair so wavy, it looks really pretty 😀

  18. Hy tina m yours new fan nd i love u and love u videos its really amazing keep it up blessed you????????

  19. Hello first off I am a recent suscriber and i absolutely adore your channel however it's really difficult to do most of the hairstyles you show because my hair is puffy, frizzy, and very wavy. I was wondering if you could please recommend a product or products that are affordable to tame my hair down to where I can manage/style it better. I am a sophomore in high school and I'd really like to do more with my hair than constantly putting heat on it to manage it. I hope you can answer soon i start school next monday. Thank you so much and again I love your channel.

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