30 OUTFITS You NEED To Wear This FALL !!


  1. love you but there was only like 3 cute outfits that i personally would wear . maybe have more variety next clothing video <3

  2. omg you have so many clothes and such a wonderful style

  3. U look great ? ?
    May I know how tall r u

  4. I just haveyour same body shape!

  5. Omg so cute. You are so inspiring nicoletta xo. I love watching your videos

  6. There’s Soft Moc in Grande Prairie that is just 2 hrs away…

    … YAY?

  7. The super high waist greenish pants . Brown sweater and brown shoes 🙂
    Loved the yellow sweater too
    And the shirt with the white pull over .

  8. I love you sooo much I watch you since years and I totally love you

  9. Nicoletta xo can you make a video on winter skin care and hair care routine ❤️?

  10. Your absolutely Gorgeous in everything..

  11. How do you not have 1 million subscribers yet!!!????? You deserve 1 million subscribers or more ?


  13. I feel like I’m in a great weather place where you get the perfect amount of warmth and coolness throughout the year:)

  14. When u only own ugly clothes…?? wish I could recreate these

  15. I love you nicoletta xo! ❤❤❤ my favorite YouTuber? thank you for the instagram shout out you did long before. Love from Nagaland

  16. Hey where did you get your jean jacket? Currently on the lookout for one, but I need one fast. Any suggestions? Love your channel so much?

  17. I just have to say that this was such a cute video? I love you queen✨

  18. XD my name is not Maria kyriakoulis it's Nicoletta I'm not kidding I'm not really Greek but my family is soo were almost the same XD

  19. Love this video! Fall?? is my favorite season as well. But I'm glad you did this in particular because my sister got me a pair of gray moccasins that I wanted last year that I've never wore because I didn't know what to wear them with. ? now I have so many ideas for outfits!???

  20. You put so much effort into every video. It's actually inspiring ??

  21. I like these fashion hacks becsuse I can mix&match my clothes

  22. Well I am 2 hours late because I have school but I still watch your amazing videos especially the fall vids ???

  23. I don't like velvet but but these velvet pants looked great on you! I might get one pair….:)

  24. Omg love this video ? your style is to amazing for this world ohmylord iloveu ???

  25. Love the looks? sadly we skipped fall in Oklahoma…….

  26. I love you so much i watched all your videos!?

  27. Love the look book !! do more please ❤❤❤❤

  28. All of them are so cute. Thank you for the ideas. Love you.

  29. How tall are you ?

  30. I love thisss,, your so amazing x x x see if we can get this to 100 likes x x ( notification squad)

  31. 3:40 and 4:52 those outfits thoo!!!! I would wear them like every day! And can we take a moment to appreciate how good these outfits look on her like gurrrrrlllll ? YOU.?ARE. ? SLAYING.? MY. ?EXISTENCE. ?❤??

  32. Amazing video Nicoletta ???❤️❤️❤️can you please do a video on how to do makeup for beginners… ilysm ????

  33. You're amazing ❤️❤️❤️ I love you ?

  34. I thought it said 3 outfits in the title ~.~

  35. Not too late ??? will try to reach early next time ??????

  36. Wow I'm early!

    Can you please do another cleaning video? Their my favorite

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