5 Christmas Nail Art Designs Using Household Items!


Thank you so much for watching! Love you guys ❤


  1. Just did these on my nails, I love it! ❤

  2. This is so pretty i LOVE all of them

  3. I just got a big pack of striping tape from amazon and I can’t wait to use it!!

  4. The elf hat looked like a chili ? ?, but these nails are cute

  5. So cute! Totally gonna try these!

  6. Just what I needed for inspiration to do my nails 😀 I love these and that idea that you don't always need nail art tools, even simple household items can be used too.

  7. Toothpicks are so handy for nailart ? awesome designs ?✨

  8. Hi! They are all cute!

  9. So pretty as always.☺️

  10. Fanática del nail art,hermoso diseño!!! Saludos ?

  11. FOR THE LIFE OF ME, I CANNOT DO NAIL ART WITH A TOOTHPICK! ?? anyone else struggle too??

  12. I want to try it. ?
    But if i put coat and then nail Polish then it doesn't stay long it removes. ??

  13. ❤️ beautiful

  14. Hannah, just lovely and beautiful. ❤

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