5 Last Minute Halloween Nail Art Designs!

Hi guys! Today we’re sharing 5 super easy and quick Halloween nail art designs that are perfect if you’re in need of a last minute manicure for Halloween! There’s a cute orange and black marble design, that’s super fun and easy to do. We also have a cartoon dracula nail art design that’s quick and fun! There’s a super easy dotticure nail design that you can literally create in seconds. A black and green water spotted design done with hairspray. Finally a really cool and easy bloody fingerprint nail art design. Which of these 5 is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

Essence Gel Base Coat
OPI – Black Onyx
Sally Hansen – Sun Kissed
Sally Hansen – White On
CND – Lush Tropics
Ginger & Liz – Unbothered
White Rain – Hairspray
Anitas – Red Acrylic Paint
Essence – Gel Top Coat

Thank you so much for watching! Love you guys ❤


  1. Love the hair spray green and black one, will give that a try soon!!

  2. I love your nails ☺☺☺☺??????? it is so cool

  3. Soooo good I admire your work and I love love love the vampire adorable and if you read this it would be like a dream come true

  4. I don't know why but whenever they put on the glossy coat it's just so satisfying.
    You feel me?

  5. can we use perfume instead of hairspray???because I don't have hairspray ??

  6. hello i tried the one with hairspray but it didnt work… can cou help me out? i used warm water and black gel nail polish from essence and also tried it with all intense northern line black and hairspray from wella – is there some trick you didt mention or does one of my products not work?

  7. the hairspray one is super cute i will definitely try this one

  8. Happy Halloween I am so doing my nails for Halloween these looks are so cute?????

  9. Your natural nails are beautiful! ❤️

  10. isn't that a really bad basecoat? ?

  11. "For you procrastinateors" lol i don't procrastinate, haha kidding

  12. hey @Cutepolish I was wondering if you can use top coat as base coat if you don't have a base for your nails???

  13. hey @Cutepolish I was wondering if you can use top coat as base coat if you don't have a base ca

  14. I really think cutepolish should have a giveaway. Like giveaway nail tools and and polish.. Idk just a thought…

  15. both ur designs and nails r flawless so I wouldn't beable to even tell that u did ur nails for haloween cuz they look soo good <3

  16. I'm gonna try the hairspray one! :3

  17. does anyone know if it matters if you use a base as a top coat???

  18. The fingerprint one is SO creative! Ur so talented Hannah! 🙂

  19. I love this nails and of course I am gonna try them- especially dotticure, vampire and swirl! Love xx

  20. bloody fingerprint one was my fav!

  21. I love the bloody finger print idea, and the little Dracula is adorably spooky. Nice work.

  22. What kind of brushes do you use and where can i get some?

  23. who else dabbed when she said "DABBING it on…"

  24. can you do a pretty little liars nails

  25. Love the dotticure and the smoky tips! You're so talented Hannah!

  26. Omg, love it:) unfortunately my nails are too short to try it:(

  27. Imagine having to do that vampire on all 10 of your nails O.o

  28. Can one of you girls make a quilt design?

  29. CutePolish can you do a skilled graedeant pls pls pls pls pls pls

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