5 NEW Glute Exercises You SHOULD BE DOING!!

These new glute exercises are must do booty exercises to grow your glutes. We guarantee that in this list there’s at least one glute exercise you’re not doing. If you want to know how to grow your glutes you’re going to have to move past your current plateau by trying a new glute workout, and these glute builders are perfect for that.

In this workout there are 5 glute exercises you should be doing. For each of these must do butt exercises try to do 12-15 reps per side. If you are a beginner you should do 1-2 rounds of these must do glute exercises. If you are more advanced you can try to do 3-4 rounds of these moves for how to grow your glutes. If you’re looking for a complete program with must do booty exercises check out MAX/Shred https://athleanx.com/max-shred

Here are the exercises to grow your glutes:

  • 1) Cable Lunge
  • 2) Crossover Kick
  • 3) Standing Cable Fire Hydrant
  • 4) Kneeling Cable Pull Through
  • 5) Straight Leg Elevated Glute Bridge


  1. Really useful! Thanks!

  2. thanks for the fresh new exercises!

  3. Love your simple and easy to follow explanations ! Thanks?

  4. Nice ideas I’m gonna do this today ❤️ ????‍♀️Thank you.

  5. Good optional exercises, what exercises would you recommended for glutes overall. New or old. Which are the best?

  6. Hi Susan! Great video! I have really poor mobility in my knees and it often swells up a little and gets stiff after a leg day. Any recommendations on butt building workouts with less knee impact?

  7. What if you only want tone and not a big butt

  8. This is exactly what I needed!! I’ve had such a hard time in that area of my gluteus! Thank you!

  9. You get a workout just positioning yourself for these exercises. ?

  10. How does doing the first exercise on the cables machine help the glutes?

  11. If you dont have access to this machine or just any big gym equipment at all… Can you please demonstrate similar exercises using resistance bands, dumbbells, and ankle weights??

  12. If you don't have access to cables, can you do these with just ankle weights? I do not have access to a gym.

  13. Susan Great New Move's Love Your Workout Good Job ??????

  14. Great new exercises to try for glutes tomorrow!!! I think the kneeling cable pull through is a great replacement for the kneeling good morning which I never do because I feel that is one of the exercises that is really bad for my back. Thanks again for a great content!!???

  15. Trainer Susan be having me in the gym really thinking about the science behind the move I’m doing. The lying side leg raise with a band is so much more affective than the abduction machine

  16. Really nice! Will try these work out. I love training my glutes and my legs. Thank you! ?

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