5 PROVEN Exercises to Lift Your Breasts (100% NATURAL BUST LIFT!!)

If you want to know how to lift your chest you should check out the bust lift exercises in this workout for perkier breasts. These breast lift exercises are the most effective ones we’ve found to firm and shape your breasts. If you’ve been looking for how to lift breasts naturally you should try this bust lift workout. These are the best chest exercises for women we’ve got in our arsenal.

For how to lift your bust, give each of these breast lift exercises a try before attempting the complete bust lift routine. You’ll do 10-12 reps of each of the exercises in this breast lift workout. If you are a beginner shoot for 1-2 rounds of these breast lift exercises to lift your breasts. If you are more advanced try to do 3-4 rounds of these bust lift exercises.

Here are the moves that make up this bust lift workout:

1) Stability Ball Chest Press
2) Dumbbell Pullover
3) Chest Press Pulls
4) Roundabout Pushup
5) Alternating Dumbbell Chest Fly


  1. Jeff said, go never lower, than 90° with your elbows, to protect the shoulders. I don't know why Athlean-xx makes things so different, to what Jeff advises.. Shouldn't be.

  2. what if I don't have Swiss ball??

  3. I wanted to know if this works for a larger chested woman. I have a very very large chest. And I've lost 50 pounds in my chest is not gone down. So will this help me or do I need to lift heavier in order to lift all of my boob meat?

  4. Over extending on a press movement?
    Great way to ruin your rotator cuff.

    The great thing about doing the press on the floor is it stops you from being able to do that

  5. Or just get a boob job like the ladies on this channel ?

  6. Is Jeff from the original Athlean X reviewing these videos? They seem to contradict what Jeff teaches. I have not seen many of the Athlean XX videos, but the few that I have seen including this one are full of things that Jeff either says not to do or that there are better options that are either safer or provide better results.

  7. elbows going below plane of body are VERY bad for shoulder joints

  8. What's the weight of the dumbbells? Thanks

  9. Thank you so much! I love all of your videos because you explain each move and tell us the weights you’re using. You always make me feel so determined and empowered.

  10. I really like it. Thank you for the video!

  11. I like this routine. Thanks, Susan–another good vid. 🙂

  12. First comment! Sorry had to say it lol

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