7 Effective Beauty Remedies You Can Make at Home

People all over the world love coffee for its taste and invigorating qualities. But this drink has other more unusual applications.
Today Bright Side presents you with a collection of effective recipes for using coffee (and even leftover coffee grounds) as a youth and beauty remedy that can help against a variety of unpleasant conditions!


  1. I dont think applying egg to your face is safe,,, besides all these ingredients will clog pores.. :/ my skin is super sensitive, these stuff will irritate my skin. any substitute to eggs and oils???

  2. How to get rid of stretch marks on legs? Thanks

  3. The photographs are sooo photoshopped

  4. what we learned just put coffee ground everywhere

  5. At the 1st cellulite picture is so obvious that is photoshoped. Jeezz

  6. SOO much coffee! I didn't know coffee was so good, I just thought coffee had a lot of cafeine

  7. Love the remedies and all, just sucks that the before and after results are photoshopped and or smoothed out and that's all it is. #TrustIssues. But I know for sure that these remedies work cause I've tried most if them.

  8. Can you a vid to help to lose strech marks? ?

  9. is thumbnail someone grabbing their ass

  10. is coffee the solution for bald of my problems? auahahha

  11. please… make a video on how to get bigger lips naturally and how to lighten them!! nd i just love your channel?????????

  12. Coffee grounds are the best medicine

  13. You can't get rid of cellulite…. probably because "cellulite" is a fancy term for "fat cells"

    and, ladies, if you pinch your skin like the example showed you, you're forcing fat to rise to the surface of your already thin skin.

  14. #5 "BLACK DOTS ON THE FACE" are you stupid. They are called blackheads. ?

  15. my lips are naturally smooth and glossy

  16. Sorry, "fresh coffee grounds" means what's left from the espresso machine? I know what used coffee grounds means. But what constitutes "fresh" coffee grounds?

  17. Just discovered this amazing channel. Believe me, if u continue so, this channel will grow very fast. Succes?.

  18. Great video

  19. I'm obsessed with this channel! Subscribed and will definitely be taking these tips! ❤️

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