7 Everyday Denim Outfits

Denim is a staple in my closet and is probably a staple in most you everyone else’s closet. It’s so easy to wear and nothing beats the comfort of a pair of worn in jeans. I wanted to share with you guys 7 different outfits that I created using denim! What is your favorite look? Comment below!!

Ann Le / Anneorshine


  1. Loveliest thing is yr cuttie pooch?????

  2. In the third outfit where did you get your gold ring

  3. Omghaad im addicted to your vids!! Love love love you!! ❤️❤️❤️?

  4. Hi Ann, may I know what size are you wearing for the Target joggers jeans?

  5. U r the best! loved loved this one! 🙂

  6. Does anybody know what brand her turntable / record player is

  7. 4 & 5 were my favs. You are stunning!:)

  8. I'm so in love wirh the first outfit, especially with the trousers! Soo beautiful?

  9. it's fall here in Toronto it snowed…….

  10. so cute your "je ne sais quoi", love your style

  11. Oh I love your Video you are so beautiful 😀 i love your Jeans but i want to know where do you get your tops from? <3

  12. You have the cutest pomeranian !!

  13. I really Love your style! <3

  14. Please do more of these videos!!

  15. you reminds me of taylor swift on the #7 outfit ☺

  16. Anyone have any idea where can I get the blouse on #5??

  17. omg i actually have the jeans from outfit #4!!!! love the video! ?❤

  18. I'm a total denim gal so loved all of these looks 🙂

  19. Love your fashion videos! I can Harlacan stand it.

  20. I have the same Boyfriend jeans ! ?☺️??

  21. um curious question, where are your slippers from they are awesome!!! ( I'm new to your channel so sorry if you've said it previously )

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