7 Foods That Can Be Dangerous for Your Skin

7 foods that you need to stop eating right now if you’re worried about your skin. Some of these will definitely surprise you!

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  1. This is the biggest trash video I ever seen!

  2. Thank you. You saved my skin. I appreciate that.

  3. everything comes on moderation..

  4. Yes cow milk cause pimples acne it's change the harmon of body

  5. I have meat sum times not all the time

  6. Bruh i have acne and i dont even eat these stuff.. ok to be honest i do eat sushi but that's not my daily meal I mean I don't eat Sushi everyday.. just once in a month.

    false alarm.. I did forgot that Im eating meats everyday?

  7. I eat rice everyday . Anything wrong with that??

  8. Let's see
    I don't drink
    I don't like the taste if rice cake
    I eat shushi maybe one a year
    Can't have dairy
    Can't really eat cereal without milk
    Processed meats I've never really had any
    Juice sometimes I'll drink orange juice once a month or not at all

    Well I just wasted my time

  9. I think salt can cause cancer as well

  10. Hey dont spread fake videos m Indian nd I luv rice nd everyday I eat pomegranate juice u can see my skin

  11. i dont like anything on this list

  12. well I think im just gonna eat bananas

  13. I drink dairy though and i cant sleep without dairy

  14. You are not lactose intolerant, you are just not a baby cow!

  15. Thank god i am whatching this now ???

  16. this doesn't make any sense… minum jus gak usah pake gula sama mulai skrg makan sushi mending handmade aja deh… ribet amat sihh

  17. #4 i was drinking milk while watching this. ……..

  18. , we eat rice 3 x a day.. Every day..I am 63 years old look like 50 thanks God for that rice…

  19. It is those kind of nonsense that diminish the true meaning of life…… Everything in moderation is the balance, balance gets you longevity

  20. Atleast I can eat or drink water,fruits,vegetables,and spinach also I’m lactose and tolerant

  21. how can get free from acnes problem and remove the extra hair on the face. please give any tips for this problem.

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