7 Quick Secrets to Make You Look 10 Years Younger

You cannot completely get rid of cellulite, but you make it almost invisible. To help your skin become flawless and beautiful, we prepared 7 beauty tips that will show you that taking care of your skin is a lot easier than you thought!

Start eating healthy 0:38
Drink more water 1:11
Do physical exercises 1:35
Massage 2:01
Use scrubs 2:27
Contrast shower 2:55
Sauna 3:25

– A common myth: if you lose weight, cellulite will disappear. This is not true. The fight against cellulite begins with proper nutrition.
– The best drink for a fit body is common clean water. Make sure you drink enough water. Nutritionists recommend drinking 6 to 8 glasses of water, not counting tea, coffee, and other drinks.
– If you consume more calories than you can burn, you’ll get extra fat that affects the appearance of cellulite. Physical exercises will help you burn excess calories and get a fit body.
– Both self-massage with special brushes and cups and a professional service are effective. In massage salons and clinics, massage is done with special equipment that destroys accumulated layers of subcutaneous fat and improves metabolism.
– Anti-cellulite creams don’t bring desirable effects, but scrubs remove the keratinized layer of the skin, improve blood circulation, and speed up metabolic processes.
– A contrast shower improves blood circulation and stimulates metabolism.
The pressure of water streams will eliminate stagnations, and lymph will intensively cleanse the skin and subcutaneous layers.
– The high temperatures of a sauna increase blood and lymph flows, due to which skin becomes smooth and fit, restoring its elasticity. A sauna opens sweat glands, through which toxins leave the skin, cleaning it of fatty stagnation. Just one visit to a sauna a week will smooth up the subcutaneous fat layer!

Keep in mind that these cellulite-fighting methods will bring visible results only when they are all used together. The one chosen method may not be effective enough.


  1. Im 48. Drink coffee, smoke, am overweight but do not have any visible cellulite…. its all in the genes.

  2. Yeah in i look really young in 25 and i look like in 16 maybe its bc im south Korean

  3. White people get sun burn.. LOL FILTHY DEVILS

  4. “The first is the most simple..eating healthy ….”?? Um try telling that to emotional eaters! If eating healthy were that easy, no one would have weight issues lol

  5. I love your voice and tone.. ?

  6. Your first tip should have been: STAY OUT OF THE SUN! The radiation from our sun, over time, damages the DNA in the skin cells which leads to skin cancer.

  7. Will someone please tell this woman how to properly pronounce "subcutaneous"!

  8. Should be called: How to fix your cellulite. ?

  9. yeaaaaaaaaaa time to look like im 3 years old

  10. You forgot to mention sleep. Sleeping slows down the aging process.

  11. i'm 12,thanks for the helpful advice!now i'll look like a 2 year old?

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  13. Thank you for your useful video, pleased to see my channel self-leadership

  14. 10 years younger ama look like a 1 year old??

  15. nothing special and new…just title is catchy

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