You don’t need to be a makeup artist to do gorgeous makeup. All you need is to use some clever tips that will emphasize your natural beauty and hide some flaws.
We at Bright Side have collected the most amazing makeup hacks that will help you look flawless every single day.


  1. celebrities should use these tips

  2. Am I the only one who doesn't like thick eyebrows?I have long bangs though and you can't see my eyebrows so I guess it doesn't matter

  3. i do my eyebrows with mascara lol

  4. The 'how to apply winged eyeliner like a pro' one is basically saying:
    First, draw the wing.
    Second, fill it in.

  5. If anybody notice the thumbnail pic has Barbie lips. Whyyy???

  6. the tips were amazing n very helpful….thanks…

  7. Please do one about how to get healthy without exercise

  8. I don t use make-up. why am I watching this?

  9. Can you say how to remove hand wrinkles????? Please

  10. to get bigger eyes: Open then wider

  11. does everything on here following the steps
    looks like a clown

  12. am I the only one afraid of swallowing lip moisturizer

  13. it's basically how to apply makeup !

  14. Nice information.. thnx for sharing

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