Aria Inspired Quick Half Up Half Down Style – Back To School Down-Dos #3

Products I used:
Mariana Bobby Pins

What I’m Wearing:
Shirt: Forever 21
Bracelet: Asos
Nails: Revlon Neon Orange Glow

-L’Oreal Dream Lumi Foundation W1-2
-Benefit Coralista Blush
-Naked Palette Two
-Tarte EmphasEYES Eyeliner
-Revlon Creamsicle Lip Butter


  1. tryn this today. lol. wish me luck. !!

  2. Thanks so much.  Start at 1:03 if you just want the actual hairstyle minus chitchat.

  3. I just cant seem to get the last part right! >_<

  4. "That looks a lot more difficult than it is" ?

  5. I don't know if you read these comments, but I have like… corkscrew-botticelli-corkicelli curls and mostly all of these hairstyles haven't worked on my hair either because it's too short or too curly or some other dumb reason (I don't think I've mentioned that I kind of hate my hair :/) I was wondering if you had any friends who had really curly hair and if they'd be willing to be in a tutorial? Thank you for possibly considering this.

  6. Maybe you could use your thick textured hair to your advantage. I know I do. My hair is pretty bottom-heavy, and I've got pretty tight corkscrew curls. So I just kinda push Up my hair a little at the crown and pull some hair that frames my face back to hold it up a little better and pin it down… That usually gives me a small bump.

  7. I'm curling my hair with this and using it for homecoming-3

  8. for a while, check out her second channel letsmakeitup2 for her videos on that 🙂

  9. My favorite is Emily & Hannah, Emily has the natural look which I LOVE.

  10. I have thick frizzy hair too so when I tease, I make sure to leave a thin layer of hair in-front of the part that I want to tease and straighten it out, then do the teasing and pin to place after that I place the thin straightened layer above the teased part to cover up the mess and it works well, hope I helped!

  11. I absolutely love Aria!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. I did this yesterday…. SO DID NOT WORK 🙁 my layers would not stay put.

  13. My favorite is Spencer! Which reminds me, could you do a tutorial on her curls? I've been trying to achieve her curled hair look for so long. Oh, by the way, I really love your tutorials!

  14. i feel like she does the bumps because of her silky finer hair – i guess you wouldn't necessarily need it – i have thick hair and usually just pushing the hair up and clipping it in does the job

  15. OMG yes! i love Lydia's waves/curls and Allisons braids!!

  16. You have such a beautiful hair *-*

  17. I Lovvee Your hairstyles… i dont usuAlly end up doing most of them but i love watching them.. u gorgeous btw x

  18. Teen Wolf girls' hairstyles? Lydia and Allison? please? 🙂

  19. My favorite character is Aria!

  20. I'm in Florida and we're getting a lot of rain bc of the TS. My hair was cute this morning then rain got to it and had to throw it up in a bun. Could you do a wet hair/rainy day tutorial?! Please and thank you.

  21. Muy bonito tu video pero la musica deprime

  22. Oh, and when I saw the title of the video… I was so happy, that you finally did Game of Thrones! Sadly, I was wrong (but haistyle is really pretty!). Can you please do more tv shows inspired haistyles? I know you did PLL and GG, but you can do it again! Game of Thrones, Glee, Gossip Girl (again, but season 5 had a lot pretty hairstyles, especialy Blair!). Pleaaase, do more TV shows series!

  23. My favourite is Spencer:) I love her personality AND style 🙂

  24. You always manage to hide the pins, when i do it the pins show like sore thumb! 🙁

  25. love it!!and my favorite girl from the show is Hannah!!

  26. i love how she has the link to skip the intro. its as if she knows we really dont listen

  27. Can you make a Selina Kyle and Miranda Tate from the Dark Knigth Rises
    hairstyle tutorial?

  28. Is it just me, or does anyone else wish the lighting was brighter? I feel like I could see better if there was more light.

  29. I always have problems with bobby pins. My hair is decently thick and they always want to pop out of my hair even if I cross them! It's so frustrating!

  30. I have trouble with bobby pins too. My hair is heavy also. Which brand of pins do you use?

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