Bloody Eyeliner Halloween Eye Makeup Tutorial

Annytude Lashes

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  1. Maybe this question is a little weird, but are you dutch?

  2. I can’t even get my regular eyeliner right.

  3. So neat, and different. Good job!!

  4. Põe legenda…. Sou do Brasil

  5. Love this ❤️
    I gotta try this tonight ?❤️

  6. can you pleaseeeee do a silver and navy look

  7. So simple yet so beautiful ?

  8. THAT was AWESOME An! Very creative and downright cool for Halloween! ???????

  9. Just when I think you can't blow me away anymore!! Stunning!!

  10. Always love watching ur vids, u are such a great makeup artist really talented! U create some awesome looks, ur n inspiration for all the Mua's out there, u totally inspire me n I'm a Mua myself, would love to recreate some of the looks u've done! Lysm! Keep up the great work, love from the UK ❤️???????

  11. This is a regular look for me tho , every morning when I attempt to do my eyeliner this is what I look like except with real blood ????

  12. A beautiful subtle Halloween eye look thanks an xx

  13. Oh I absolutely love this look??Hugs from Tennessee????

  14. Yassssss, I was hoping you’d do another Halloween look do your thangggg girllll!❤️❤️❤️❤️

  15. woooooooooooooow ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤????????????????????

  16. Love you An you are soooooooooooooooo awesome ?????????????

  17. Thanks for do this so awsome pls pin it

  18. Love wanna wear this to work for Halloween ?

  19. ♥️♥️♥️♥️?♥️

  20. Girl this is freaking BOMB! I love this look ?????

  21. I love that you did this look. I watch Nikkietutorials do something like this but would never try cus i dont have the skills but you doing this showes an easier way to do. Perfect to wear day of halloween at the office…i love it!! And me and my daughters love you!!

  22. I look up to you so much ?☺️ Such goals

  23. Love you Ann, you are the best ????❤??

  24. Dear An,i love it!?????????

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