Boho Holiday Hairstyle + My New Haircut (Re-Upload)

This is a quick easy bohemian hairstyle that is perfect for all the holiday parties that are just around the corner!


  1. Watch in this video again made me realize how long I've been following you for! Wow.

  2. The intro is so funny! " i don't know allot about Russian culture, but i do have google!"

  3. We probably have the same laptop

  4. Your hair is so much like mine!!!!

  5. use a sock bun instead! oh man hback when sock buns didnt exist..

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  7. Omg I did the Russian dance in my dance schools nutcracker

  8. omg, i always do this 4 sport <3 love it so much

  9. Liked your haircut. And the tutorial of course

  10. OMGGGGG! I have the same exact computer!!!! Feels so cool!

  11. Does anyone knows the music at the beginnig when she srated braiding i like it 3

  12. we have the same laptop -_-

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  14. Plaiting and canerowing the hair is much more suited to African and Carribean hair because than European hair because of texture and the reason why they are so good at it is because they do it all the time. Its just practice thats all. Why I would suggest ( being Carribean myself) that if you want neater Canerow or Cornrow is to dampen the hair slightly and practice on your friend!!

  15. Is there any way u can make a nother one but teaching us how to do it a lil more thank just doiing it really fast this is not hate i just really want to do it so is there any way you could do that?

  16. sooooooooooooooooooooo hard my hand are hurting me so bad ;how do you do all that by your self?

  17. your cool. and funny. and i like that you talk alot.

  18. stop talkinggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

  19. i dont understand that of tease ¡¡ great video!!!

  20. You have the same laptop as me :3

  21. i cant make dutch braid yet 🙁

  22. I was looking forward to trying this until I realized you have to dutch braid, gotta work on that one too!!

  23. haha you and I have the same Laptop :))

  24. Hooly dooly,, her haircut is amazing:)

  25. did this look today! so simple, yet so cool-looking.. thank you!! 🙂

  26. Lol! @jessicaparker that program at the site:
    has gone the extra mile to make hair dressing
    that much more engaging and experimental! Its
    conducted to make learning as easy as possible,
    accessible and enjoyable. Thanks to it. 🙂

  27. Love the look… when I do it I will put in some cute hair jewelry to make it pop… thanks for the video…

  28. now to look up how to dutch braid -__-

  29. @powers21 do you know how to french braid? if yes, then its the same but instead of adding hair ontop, you add it under 😀

  30. wow you look like Melissa Joan Hart 🙂

  31. Your laptop is like mine! haha 🙂 I love your tutorials 😀

  32. @powers21 check out her braid encyclopedia….

  33. Классно получилась)

  34. If I knew how to do things like "dutch braid" then I wouldn't be watching a hair tutorial…

  35. you are going to make my summer soooooo much more exciting with all these awesome hair styles 😀

  36. I'm dutch… but still cant do the dutch braid XD

  37. @BIEBERFEVER2899 she said that

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