Bold Smokey Holiday Makeup Tutorial

This is the first makeup tutorial using the Berries & Cream collection! Its a super glam cranberry look that is perfect for holiday parties and glam nights out! Have you grabbed your collection yet?! Let me know in the comments

Love you!


  • Berries & Cream Eyeshadow Palette $44
  • Berries & Cream Cream matte liquid lipsticks $18 ea.
  • Shades: Plum Berry, Creamy Pink
  • Bundle box $80
  • Use code: Christen for 10% off
  • Marc Jacobs coconut primer $44
  • Dior Forever foundation $52
  • Shade:25
  • Baddie B Sugar baby Lashes $19
  • MAC Graphblack $18
  • Tatcha The pearl eye treatment $48
  • Shade: Softlight
  • Estee Lauder Bronze goddess $42
  • MAC extra dimension skin finish $34
  • Shade: Oh Darling


  1. Love the makeup look. I think i'm going to try that look.

  2. If you don't know how to make make up then why do you do it

  3. Ur so beautiful, and I love all ur looks <3 ur the best

  4. I must have that Palette! WoW what a Dream!

  5. Finding You Has ABSOLUTELY made my day!!! Perfect channel, personality, humor and beauty…alongside thorough descriptions as to what and how "to do"

  6. Final impressions of the dior undercover foundation ??

  7. Omg you are so pretty with makeup AND without!! ?

  8. I love all your videos,you are so inspiring and I was just wondering if you have ever tried air brush makeup and what are your thoughts on it?

  9. K next we need a Texas themed palatte. ❤️?????‍♀️

  10. Could u do a tutorial using each one of your palettes. Like one look using a few shades from each. And maybe combine the liquid lips with gloss on top.

  11. I wanna buy the palette is out of stock ??

  12. Please restock your bundles!!?

  13. Wow so pretty….?You're my Idol….I love you so much??

  14. Kinda wanna buy this palette right now

  15. Awwwww your welcome in I'm thankful for being a part of the quad family ??


  17. Thank you so much for the discount!! ?

  18. Oh well, pink looks so good on somebody ?

  19. Congratulations! I’m behind on watching videos but always have fun catching up on yours.

  20. I will eventually have enough money to buy all three of your palettes, because DAYUM they look so darn pretty. I still want the latte palette like crazy. Your looks are fantastic!

  21. I have been looking for a matte liquid lipstick in that exact shade of berry!! Love it! Buying it! You’re the best, love you!!!!

  22. Oh my gosh! Your makeup in this video is your best look on you!

  23. wow you are so beautiful ! love ya girl <3

  24. "My face is extra crusty like EXTRA CRUSTY"

  25. These colors are STUNNING. I really feel like this palette will be PERFECT for my brown eyes!

  26. Hey what self tanner do you use?

  27. Hi christen could you please do a fab but not too much makeup tutorial!

  28. Your palette is amazing! Love all those sweet colors. My question is how would these colors look on some someone who may not have the same skin tone or hair color? For example, I am strawberry blonde with a warm / gold peachy undertone…❤?‍♀️

  29. Her face looked uneven in the thumbnail did anyone else notice

  30. I neeeeeed this collection but I'm on a no buy so I can't buy anything for awhile :((((

  31. Obsessed with this look!!♥️

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