1. @kamilah_je on Poshmark
    I get a lot of FL customers, and now I see why😊

  2. The first dress (wine looking color) with some thigh high boots Issa whole look !

  3. Imma have to cop me some of those jeans😍

  4. Yess you’re ready for the fall.

  5. Are you Liberia?🇱🇷🤞🏿

  6. Yasss FALL VIBES!! I just want you to know I love how dedicated you are. You motivate me and I’m trying to get to your level lol I know I have to work a little more harder on my channel but i will take my time. I love my 534 Subbies and some day I will look back and say WOW look how far i've came. I say this bc i know you started off with only a handful of Subbies and now look at you! You go girl!!!

  7. omg, i absolutely love that bodysuit!!

  8. Love all the clothes you picked, they look great on you. I love your style!!

  9. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  10. The intro beat always get me dancing 🤣

  11. Hey Kaice👋🏾🧡 #KSquad
    Love this whole fall vibe, glasses and hair!!! My favorite piece is the bodysuit. It’s super cute and versatile.

  12. Poshmark slowly taking over YouTube… Buttt those outfits cute asf

  13. Love your style!! (First time being first, lol)

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