Brown Glitter Eye Makeup Tutorial

Hi loves! I hope you enjoy the video. If you have any looks that you want me to make please let me know in the comments. XOXO


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  1. You are the queen of eye makeup girl!!!!! I looooovveeeeee them all!!!!!!!

  2. This was STUNNING I loved that glitter and just a side note I think you mean to say Y instead of an I the brand of glitter i think is said roxy?? Because it's RXY but Don't quote me on that lol lol lol lol this look was one of my faves FOR SURE well second to the blue liner!!! ??? love to watch you do makeup I enjoyed this video A LOT!!! You're the best hunny!!! ??

  3. Be hold glitter QUEEN is on point. Think this shade is my favorite♥♥

  4. beautiful! can you do a yellow make up tuturial.

  5. I miss seeing you do your full face ? grwm?

  6. OMG who else wishes she was in the U.S. ?? Cuz she be slayin my lifee

  7. Your skills are just Amazing!! I love this look and everything you create is just perfection. ❤❤❤


  9. I know you have an eyebrow routine but they look sooo good do an updated one?

  10. Could you do a graduation look?

  11. a makeovr for small.eyes having far eyebrows

  12. Your eye tutorials are what I live for!

  13. The lashes looked very false. Also, the look was very nice and it has too much glitter.

  14. Beautiful ?????????????????????

  15. This is what you call professional makeup!

  16. As far as makeup brushes what inexpensive brand do you recommend?

  17. You know your that bitch when you have a sty and you still manage to slay your makeup, just saying???

  18. Please make a tutorial on the invisible /floating wing liner please please ??

  19. omg An what is that lip color, I'm obsessed with dusty purple lately, and what your wearing is PERFECT!

  20. Can you do a make-up look on a black matte eye with a really bright inner corner? That's be really cool to watch <3

  21. Everything looks so easy wen you do it?

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