Candy Cane #Frenchmanicure For #Christmas : In today’s nail tutorial video I paint a candy cane side French nail art for the holiday season.

  • Apply base coat to protect your natural nails.
  • Paint dark green side French tips and let them dry.
  • With a medium dotting tool I paint red dots, then with a small dotting tool white dots over the red ones.
  • I paint tiny gold points over the green tips.
  • Finish the nail art with top coat to protect the manicure from peeling and to keep it shiny and glossy.

Thanks for watching! 🙂


  1. cute manicure for short to medium nails… =)

  2. Hi can u recommend me good base coat and top coat?

  3. Super cute candy dear… Nice.. I like it ???

  4. It is very simple and nice,can you do another easy Christmas nail art?????

  5. Always nice… Thanks a lot ?

  6. This is so beautiful and simple <3!

  7. Omg thats so cool!!!!! I am defenetly trying them!!!!

  8. Very Nice , Ty 🙂 Happy Holidays !

  9. wowwwww….I love this nail art….???????????????????????????

  10. I love it, thank you so much, beautiful i like it

  11. Oh wow, where do you come up with these amazing designs!! I absolutely love it, great job, again!!

  12. It's cute n easy..loved it!❤Tysm for this video!!?❤

  13. Hi! Cute and creative!

  14. ??Marry Christmas in advance????????

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