Christmas Stamping Nail Art


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    PS. I have not been paid or receive any commission – just sharing?

  2. I watched my mom get her nails done and she bites them a lot like I do so they had to put fake nails on her so they could actually get the acrylic on lol, but as I was watching the man do it I was critiquing his liquid to powder ratio because I watch you and Jenna all the time lmao

  3. I stand by my statement that I made the last time she visited your channel 🙂 I really just want to sit down and have tea with the both of you!

  4. I love how Suzie encourages mess-making, buh'like, we all know that she cleans up after. xD

  5. i love your voice lol it’s so relaxing

  6. Loved the stamping plates thank you Debbie and Suzie loved the style for the holidays.Happy Holidays to both lovely ladies??

  7. That's what I need RIGHT NOW

  8. The stamping collection is gorgeous ????

  9. Ooo I'm imagining icy blue icicle stilleto nails! Imagine how gorgeous! Maybe you could do a tutorial?

  10. Love it when Debbie comes to visit NCE 🙂

  11. I love it when Debbie with CJS joins you. I learn more just watching her technique.

  12. Getting these!! And saving this to my favorites!! ?❤️

  13. Susie you inspire me so much??

  14. I would like to be a nail technician when i grow up

  15. Can you do it with buttercream??

  16. Just watching the two of them is so calming. ?

  17. I love seeing you bring brand representatives to your channel. I would love to see Celina Rydén from Light Elegance on your channel.

  18. I absolutely love you and Debbie playing around, this should become a regular series!!


    Jk. You’re just very talented! Any holosexuals out there?

  20. I find it much better to clean a plate with pure acetone so that there is no residue left behind. Also, I always clean stampers with lint rollers or sticky tape, why risk damaging them? (PS. One of my off brand clear stampers actually went cloudy without remover anywhere near it!)

  21. Omg!!! ?yo invito a tus hermosas suscriptores que si les gusta mi canal suscríbanse que si les gusta las manualidades y decoración Que.chequen mi canal y si les gusta mi canal suscríbanse que todo lo que hago es con mucho amor y cariño

  22. that system is fabulous

  23. i love when i am one of the first 100 person to comment

  24. Early squad—————————-loving the video!

  25. Can't get enough of these videos<3

  26. Love your videos Suzie!

  27. I am so disappointed. Instead of a commercial, I had expected and wanted something else…

  28. You guys are geniuses. I too one day hope to major in cosmetology.

  29. Hey i need someone to do my nails


  31. I would worry less about my nails and maybe start exercising

  32. Can't resist. Definitely buying these!

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